How to Find X 4 Stormwing Fortnite Location?

How to Find X 4 Stormwing Fortnite Location? A new event in Fortnite is now out. Every day a new challenge is getting unlocked at 9 AM ET which gonna give you a cosmetic reward and 10,000 XP when completed. Here we have all details about where to find X 4 Stormwing and How to Find X 4 Stormwing Fortnite Location, have a look.

How to Find X 4 Stormwing Fortnite Location

Fortnite is known for its amazing events and challenge and the skins. Epic Games try to give the best challenge and event to the users in any festival and this is the time for Christmas and new year, so a new year Christmas event is now out to play in Fortnite. In this Christmas event, Operation Snowdown Christmas, you have to complete a challenge daily.

The Operation Snowdown Christmas event will unlock a reward for you and that reward will be related to some cosmetics, so you will get a cosmetic reward if you complete this daily challenge, and also you will receive 10,000 XP after you have completed the challenge successfully. The daily challenge will start at 9 AM ET.

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How to Find X 4 Stormwing Fortnite Location?

Epic Games has given a variety of tasks to the players during the events such as dancing on the trees, finding out chests and various Snowmando outposts, and demolishing Nutcracker Statues all around the map.

This time Epic Games has come out with a different approach, with the latest event they are rewarding you some items for free such as weapons. In the Operation Snowdown Christmas event, there are some things that are making their comeback such as the Chiller Grenades. Chiller Grenades are back with the X 4 Stromwings planes.

In Chapter 1 Season 7, Epic Games first time added the X 4 Stormwings in Fortnite. Epic Games at that time said that the X 4 Stormwings had some issues so they have removed it from the game. They said that “We have received some complaints from the players regarding some issues in the X 4 Stormwings, so we have removed it from the game”.

X 4 Stormwings did not make a comeback in Fortnite  Chapter 2 as expected, but when the Snowdown Operation has launched they are back with some changes in it. Now the X 4 Stormwings Planes will have fuel which they will eat up quickly. So it won’t be easy to just continuously flying all around the map and pick and hitting enemies.

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There are 2 challenges in the Snowdown event in which you will be required to use the X 4 Stormwings Planes:

  • Take Down enemies structure with the X 4 Stormwings Planes.
  • You have to travel and cover 5,000 meters of distance in the Stormwings Challenge.

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How to Find X 4 Stormwing Fortnite Location: Spawn Locations?

After knowing about the Snowdown challenge everybody is kept on asking, How to find X 4 Stormwing Fortnite Location.

You can easily find the X 4 Stormwing Fornite planes in front of the Snowmmando Outposts. There are a total of 3 spawns at each outpost. The X 4 Stormwing Fortnite planes will have different fuel levels and you have to finish the challenge quickly and for that, you should get an X 4 plane with the most starting fuel and then just fly the map around until you finish the challenge.

Also, you can go to various outposts and get a new X 4 plane if you are running low on fuel.

So this was all about How to Find X 4 Stormwing Fortnite Location?

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Hopefully, you will like our approach on How to Find X 4 Stormwing Fortnite Location.

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