How to Get Carrots in Minecraft Earth Season 1 Challenge

In today’s article we are going to discuss about how to get carrots in Minecraft Earth. In the latest update of Minecraft earth, the seasonal challenge is introduced. To complete that challenge players need to get tappable and craft many different items. One of the items from the challenge is carrot, and players are struggling to get it. So let’s see How to get Carrots in Minecraft Earth.

Minecraft earth is a new augmented reality game by developers of Minecraft. Its early access to play was released in the android and iOS store on 17 November 2019. since its early access released it has gone through many updates. In the latest update players asked to complete the seasonal challenges. in the update R17 season challenges are introduced.

How to Get Carrots in Minecraft Earth

Minecraft R17 update was released on 28 April 2020. This is one of the major updates in Minecraft earth Early Access. There are many new additions in the game. New 10 Mobs variants are introduced in the game. But the more interesting feature added in the game is the challenges.

Daily challenges were there before the R17 update of Minecraft earth. But now the new tab of seasonal challenges is now there on-screen after R17 update. check the image below.

season challenge introduced in R17
season challenge introduced in R17

Daily challenges will be also there. But seasonal challenges are more interesting and you will get exclusive rewards after completing it. to complete first challenge you need to complete bunch of tasks.

Thre are 3 tasks related to carrot

Tasks to related carrots
Tasks to related carrots

1. Grow and harvest 3 Carrots

2. Craft 1 Golden Carrot

3. Eat 1 Golden Carrot in an Adventure.

and therefore players want to know how to get carrots in Minecraft Earth.

How to get Carrots in Minecraft Earth
How to get Carrots in Minecraft Earth

Thre is no exact guide available to get carrots in the game, but here are the some tips to get carrots in Minecraft Earth. There are two main ways in which you can get carrots.

  1. You can get carrots by killing zombies. After killing zombies there is 2.5% chance that they will drop carrots. So you must try to kill more numbers of zombies to get carrots.
  2. You can also find carrots in the common chest. So after opening common chest, there is 3.2% chance that you will get carrots.

So these are the two best ways and short answer for how to get carrots in Minecraft Earth. We advice you to play more and more adventures, so that you will encounter more number of zombies and by killing them you will have more chance to get Carrots in Minecraft earth.

Minecraft Earth Season 1 Challange: NATURE

Season 1: NATURE
Season 1: NATURE

So the first season challenge in Minecraft earth is named as NATURE. Minecraft earth official tweeted about this challenge on 30 April 2020. This season 1 challenge is going to last on 17 May 2020. Thre are a total of 25 tasks in this season challenge. check out the tweet below.


You will unlock many super prizes as you complete these tasks. You will also get Dressing Room reward at the end of completing all the tasks. Here is the information is given about season 1 challange inside the Minecraft Earth game.

The most common question players asking about this season 1 challenge is, How to get carrots in Minecraft earth and how to make aquarium with fishes? we have already covered about getting carrots.

Beside 3 tasks related to carrots, there are 22 other tasks ranging from easy task of collect 6 tappables to the hard task like craft 15 different dye colors.

So enjoy this season 1: NATURE challenge and comment below about your experience.

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