How to get Dragon Scale in Pokemon GO? Best guide in 2020

The common question of all Pokemon GO players is How to get Dragon Scale in Pokemon GO. So, we have brought this tutorial.

This article is about the best guide to know how to get Dragon Scale in Pokemon GO. You will learn to evolve Seadra to Kingdra using the Dragon Scale. Let’s explore the guide.

how to get dragon scale in pokemon go

What is the need of Dragon Scale?

Dragon Scale is needed in the game for evolving Seadra into Kingdra. The rare Dragon Scale will help you in evolving Seadra into Kingdra easily.

Here is how you can evolve Seadra into Kingdra easily. Just follow the given guide to evolve it easily.

Evolving Seadra into Kingdra

For evolving Seadra into Kingdra, you will have to just click on the evolve button to evolve your Seadra into Kingdra. It is an easy process. You will have to just spend 100 Horsea Candies as well as one Dragon Scale for this evolution.

It was the process of evolving Seadra into Kingdra using the rare item Dragon Scale. It is now time to see the process of getting a Dragon Scale. Since it is a rare item, you will not get it easily.

How to get Dragon Scale in Pokemon GO?

As we all know that Dragon Scale is a rare evolution item in the game Pokemon GO. So, you will not get is easily. But, by following this guide, you will get it easily. So, just follow the given instructions to know how to get Dragon Scale in Pokemon GO.

For getting the Dragon Scale, you will have to spin the PokeStop. In the PokeStop, you will get the rare evolution item Dragon Scale. There is less than 1% of getting this rare evolution item in the PokeStop. So, it is very difficult to get it in the PokeStop.

There is an alternate way to get the Dragon Scale. You will have to just spin the PokeStop for continuous seven days. Doing this will provide you a random evolution item after seven days. Since Dragon Scale is a rare evolution item, there is a chance that you may get Dragon Scale after in this reward.

When you will get the Dragon Scale, you can use this rare evolution item to evolve Seadra into Kingdra. It is super easy to evolve the Seadra Pokemon into Kingdra Pokemon in the game. You can do this evolution by the above-given process.

Now, you have got the complete information on how to get Dragon Scale in Pokemon GO.

About Pokemon GO game

Pokemon GO an amazing and interesting Augmented Reality (AR) based mobile game. The developer of this amazing game is Niantic. The publisher of this game is also the same. Niantic has made this amazing game in collaboration with The Pokemon Company. This amazing game is available on both iOS as well as Android gaming platform. It is a free game. But, there are many in-app purchases in this game. You can purchase them.

In this game, your GPS and camera will be used. You can locate, capture, train, and do many things with Pokemon. You can find them in your real-world map using your GPS and camera. This game is full of adventure and it is very interesting. If you are a Pokemon lover, this game is for you. You should definitely try this game if you have not played it.

Conclusion: How to get Dragon Scale in Pokemon GO

In conclusion, we hope that you have got the answer to the question How to get Dragon Scale in Pokemon GO. Now, you can easily evolve Seadra to Kingdra easily. If you have any questions or queries related to this topic, ask us in the comment section. We are here to help you in solving all your queries and questions.

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