How to get Kratos Skin in Fortnite | God Of War

How to get Kratos Skin in Fortnite? This has become one of the most asked questions by the Fortnite players after Sony has informed the players about the God of War protagonist, Kratos is arriving in the game.

How to get Kratos Skin in Fortnite God Of War

On Wednesday, Sony has unveiled that God of War protagonist, Kratos Skin in Fortnite will be available as a Purchase, and you can purchase it from the Fortnite in-game store. The God of War protagonist, Kratos is a sony exclusive, however, the skin is not limited to just PS4 or PS5 consoles. You can purchase Kratos Skin in Fortnite on any platform you play such as PC, Xbox One, Xbox series X and S, and Mobile.

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So we have each and every detail about the Fortnite Kratos Skin such as when it is arriving, how much does it cost to buy Kratos Skin in Fortnite, the Fortnite Kratos Trailer, and all, so have a look at the details in the next section.

How to get Kratos Skin in Fortnite?

Getting the Kratos Skin in the game is quite easy, the Kratos Skin will be available to purchase in the Fortnite in-game store. You have to spend 2200 V-Bucks to get the Fornite Kratos Skin in the game. V-Bucks is a Fortnite in-game currency that you can buy from real money.

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For the 2200 VBuck in Fortnite, you will get a Fornite Kratos Skin, one glider, one Mimir back bling, and a Leviathan Axe pickaxe(the leviathan Axe pickaxe come with one emote). The Kratos Skin and the back bling is also available in a bundle in Fortnite. And you can get the Kratos Skin and Back Bling bundle for 1500 V-Bucks.

Fortnite Kratos Skin Trailer

For the Fortnite Kratos Skin, Sony informed the players on Twitter from the PlayStation official Twitter account. Sony release a short trailer, this was a collab video by Sony and EpicGames which they used to hype up the Kratos Debut in Fortnite and to hype up their products, have a look at the short video.

Kratos Skin in Fortnite: The Location

As of now, there is no official information about the Fortnite Kratos Skin location in the game. For now, you can only get it by buying from the Fortnite in-game store, the skin costs you around 1500 V-Bucks in a bundle, in which you will get a Kratos Skin and back bling. You can also buy the Kratos Skin individually in the game.

Where to find Kratos Skin in Fortnite?

After Kratos has made his debut to Fortnite on Wednesday, everyone is looking at Where to find Kratos Skin in the game. And we have some good secret news for you have a look at it.

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How to Get Kratos Skin for free in Fortnite?

EpicGames is giving away the Skin to any player who completes a full match of Fortnite in PS5. So to get the Fortnite Kratos Skin you should have a PS5. This has become possible after the EpicGames and Sony’s collab. And if you are on other platforms like PC, PS4, Xbox One, or the Xbox series X and S then there is only one way you can get the skin, which is by buying the skin from the item store in Fornite.

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Hopefully, you will like our approach on How to get Kratos Skin in Fortnite and Where to Find Kratos Skin in Fortnite.

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