How to Get Rainbow is Magic Packs in 2021?

How to get Rainbow is Magic Packs in 2021 in Rainbox Six Siege? All the Rainbow Six Siege fans are excited as Ubisoft has announced the Rainbow is Magic once again. You can play the mode right now, as it is already available.

Below, you can know that How to get Rainbow is Magic Packs in 2021, have a look.

How to Get Rainbow is Magic Packs in 2021

Rainbox Six Siege is getting popular day by day as Ubisoft is pushing some new and interesting updates. There is a very popular mode in the game which is called Rainbow is Magic which was a limited-time mode and player loved it, but when it was taken back by Ubisoft then fans asked Ubisoft to release the mode once again and Ubisoft has finally heard to the fans and the Rainbow is Magic limited-time mode is back in the game once again. If you want you can start playing the mode right now, as it is already there in the game.

Below, we have given how to get Rainbow is Magic Packs in Rainbox Six Siege in 2021, have a look.

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How to Get Rainbow is Magic Packs in 2021?

The great-looking Rainbow is Magic skins are back in the game. This info was leaked because of the official Playstation and Xbox youtube channels, and the trailer is already posted there on the youtube channel before the official Ubisoft announcement regarding the Rainbow is the Magic mode in Rainbow Six Seige. The event will run from March 30 to April 5 which means that you can already start playing it.

In Rainbow in Magic mode, operators have been turned into toy soldiers and have to guard or rescue someone who has been dressed up as a teddy bear, all this when you are moving around the version of the plane which has been shrunk down and redone in the neon and pink color.

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If you missed your chance on the Rainbow is Magic skin collection last time, then let us inform you that you have an amazing chance again to pick up some of the best-looking skins, costumes, and weapons skins in Rainbow Six Siege. Many users were asking that how to get Rainbow is Magic Pack in 2021, so here is how to get it.

How to Get Rainbow is Magic in Rainbow Six Siege?

Montange, Smoke, and Tachanka all the skins pack are now available which are similar in looks out of a Yakuza karaoke dance sequence. And you may know or not know that the Tachanka was reworked when this event first came out, so there is a chance that you will get a free pink skin for the new primary, the DP27.

You have just a week from the date of the beginning of this event, so we would suggest you go and grab the skin right now. Hopefully, we get to see a lot of other exciting events from Ubisoft in the near future for Rainbow Six Siege.

Rainbox Six Siege is available to download on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S, and PC.

If you have any queries or suggestions then please do let us know in the comment section and we will try to provide you the best solution out there.

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So this was all about How to Get Rainbow is Magic Packs in 2021. Hopefully, you will like our approach.

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