How to Get Red Photo in Genshin Impact? Red, Blue, Yellow, Brown, and Purple Photos

How to Get Red Photo in Genshin Impact?  You have to get the crimson, ultramarine, pale, gold, ochre, and purple aster photos for the Genshin Impact’s event “Five Flushes of Fortune”, and here is how to get, have a look.

Red Photo Genshin Impact

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How to Get the Red Photo in Genshin Impact?

After getting the Kurious Kamera and speaking to Ji Tong you will now have to use the device to get the picture of five colors in Genshin Impact. Those colors are crimson, ultramarine, pale gold, ochre. and purple aster, and you will have to collect photos of each type to get the Fortune Trove and other rewards.

You will have to equip the Kurious Kamera device to take the photos. You can equip this device from the Gadget inventory. After you have equipped it, you will have to press the input which is being displayed underneath the Kamera, and near to the bottom-right corner of the display, you need to point the viewfinder at the item of interest to take photos from the device. You can take photos of the items which is an object and you can pick up such as the flowers in Genshin Impact.

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You will have to understand the fact that pictures which are taken by Kurious Kamera are different and random and have no connection to the item of which you have taken a photograph.

Now let us move ahead to our main topic which is to find the Red Photo in Genshin Impact. Here we are talking about the Red Photo in Genshin Impact but this way you can collect any photo you want such as the red, blue, yellow, brown, and purple photos.

How to Get Red Photo in Genshin Impact: Red, Blue, Yellow, Brown, and Purple Photos

You have to keep in mind that you can only take 10 photos each day using the Genshin Impact Kurious Kamera device. Also, keep in mind that it may lead you to a situation where you have used all the images without getting a picture of every color but fortunately you can swap the photographs with one another to fill up any type of gap you may have. And to do this you can just select the Photo Swap from the FIve Flushes of Fortune event overview and check the result list.

When you have collected photos of each color blue, red, brown, purple, etc then you are ready to go back to Ji Tong and now you can get a Fortune Trove. When you confirm the exchange of the photos of each color then you will get 60 Primogems, or 12 Hero’s Wits, 24 mystic Enhancement Ores, or 120,000 Mora. Also, remember that this is not a one time deal so you can claim up to a total of 8 Fortune Troves during the Five Flushes of Fortune event in Genshin Impact, and you will be rewarded with these rewards each time you collect a Fortune Trove after exchanging the photos of each color.

So now you know how you can get the Red Photo in Genshin Impact or any other photo such as the red, blue, yellow, brown, and purple photos.

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