How to get Wing Cap in Mario 64? Easy Guide

Do you want to know How to get WIng Cap in Mario 64? Then you are in the right place. Wing Cap gives the ability to fly. But, you will not get it from the starting of the game. You will have to unlock it.

Here, you will learn the easiest way on How to get Wing Cap in Mario 64. Using this guide, you will be able to unlock and start using this Wing Cap in your game immediately. Let’s explore the complete guide without any delay.

how to get wing cap in mario 64

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How to get Wing Cap in Mario 64?

As we all know that Wing Cap helps Mario in flying in the game. With the help of this cap, Mario can easily fly in Mario 64 game. But, you will not get this cap from the starting of this game You will have to unlock it. The best thing is that the process of unlocking this Wing Cap in the game is as easy as making a cup of coffee. Aren’t you surprised?

The process of learning How to get Wing Cap in Mario 64 is very simple. First of all, you will have to earn 10 stars in the game. You can earn any 10 Stars. The best way to collect 10 stars is to complete the starting levels of the game as most of them are easy. Once you collect 10 stars in the game, you will have to follow the next step.

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After collecting 10 stars, you will have to go back to the lobby of the castle in the game. Once you reach there, you will have to search for a beam of light. You can easily spot the beam of light near the entrance. It is shining on the floor at that location. Now, you will have to go and stand in that beam of light. After that, make sure that you face upward in the direction of the sky.

Now, you will be transported into the sky above the Tower of the Wing Cap. After that, you will have to complete a secret mission before hitting the Wing Cap Switch (red switch) on the tower. Let’s discuss that secret mission.

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In this secret mission, you will have to collect eight red coins. Once you will collect them all, you will see that a star is appearing on the top of the tower near the red switch. Before collecting the star, you will have to hit the Wing Cap Switch (red switch). After hitting the switch, you will successfully unlock the Wing cap. Now, you will find Wing Cap out of all red blocks that you will find in the game.

That was How to get Wing Cap in Mario 64. Isn’t is easy to get this amazing cap to fly in the game? Do not forget to share your opinion in the comment section.

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Conclusion: How to get Wing Cap in Mario 64

In conclusion, we hope that you have got the complete information on How to get Wing Cap in Mario 64. So, become ready to get this amazing Wing Cap in your game. If you have any questions or queries related to this WIng Cap, feel free to ask us in the comment section. We would love to solve all your queries and questions.

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