How to Kill Stone Golem in Valheim? An Easy Solo Beginner Guide (March 02)

If you are trying to beat a Stone Golem and that too solo then it is going to be very difficult for you. So here is the guide on How to Kill Stone Golem in Valheim very easily.

How to Kill Stone Golem in Valheim

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Valheim’s maps are totally filled with dangerous creatures, enemies, and a lot of different collectibles. And the Stone Golem is one of those enemies which is very difficult to kill. The Stone Golem is elusive and full of viciousness and he is made up of rock, so it is not easy to beat him in the game, and it becomes even more difficult if you are playing solo. Stone Golem is a very dangerous enemy to kill and these are mostly hidden in the Mountain Biome.

So below, we have provided a full and easy guide on How to Kill Stone Golem in Valheim very easily. This is most recommended to a solo or a beginner.

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How to Kill Stone Golem in Valheim? An Easy Solo Beginner Guide

The Stone Golem can only be found in the Biome Mountain and these are hidden under the deep snow. You can say that they are made up of armor as their body is made up of rock and stones. You will first have to break their armored body in order to kill them.

To kill a Stone Golem, you are required to have a good armor set. We would suggest you get the iron armor or the Wolf Armor set which are good enough to counter Stone Golem. These armors will protect you from Stone Golem’s blows. The Wolf Armor will have the advantage of decreasing the effect of freezing without using the frost-resistance potions.

Also, we would suggest you get the best pickaxe to break the Stone Golem’s stone-based skin. And you will also require to cook some of the best food and the best potion for healing which you will be using in this whole process.

Now, we will move on to How to Kill Stone Golem in Valheim the process, have a look.

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How to Kill Stone Golem in Valheim: Full Process

First of all, you will have to understand that there are 2 types of golems. The first one is with a spiked arm and the second one is with a round arm and both of these have different types of attacks.

The attacks are as follows:

  • Boulder-arm fast attack slam with one arm
  • Boulder-arm slow attack two-arm slam
  • Spike-arm slow attack 180-degree swipe
  • Spike-arm shooting spike ranged fast attack

You will have to stand at the back of the golem and will have to examine their attack strategy. You will have to attack the golem with the bronze of iron pickaxe after dodging their attack. You will have to attack them until they are dead. You will also have to make sure to make a spawn point before going for the battle.

When it comes to rewards then you will get the stone, trophies, and crystals from the Stone Golem. The trophy and Crystals don’t have any use as of now in Valheim, but you can definitely save these items for the future.

So this was all about How to kill Stone Golem in Valheim.

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Hopefully, you will like our approach on How to Kill Stone Golem in Valheim? An Easy Solo Beginner Guide (March 02).

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