How to make TNT in Minecraft 1.16- Easy guide

TNT in Minecraft

TNT in Minecraft is an explosive block that has always been infamous underrated block in the game due it’s functionality in creating traps to troll players. Though it’s very much helpful in mining especially after the update it’s commonly used to find ancient debris in nether, but despite of that this block can also be used for creating cannons and some complicated traps.

How to craft TNT in Minecraft?

You’ll need the following items to craft one TNT in Minecraft:

  • Gunpowder: 5
  • Sand: 4

Gunpowder can be obtained by defeating certain mobs like creepers, Ghasts (Nether mob), and Witches. The probability of dropping Gunpowder is very low by Witches compared to ghast and creeper. It can also be found in desert temple chest and dungeon chest. If you require TNT in bulk you’ll probably need more Gunpowder which can be managed very easily by building a creeper farm.

You can use any of the available sand. Both red-sand and regular sand should be fine while crafting TNT. You can find sand easily in biomes and areas like Desert Biome, Beaches, Mesa Biome, and Riverbanks.

  1. Start by opening the crafting table menu.
  2. Place the TNT in the exact pattern given below.
  3. Then place a sand block in each remaining crafting slot.
  4. There you go!! Time to drag TNT from crafting menu to your inventory.

TNT in minecraft TNT in minecraft

You might find it easy to craft TNT in Minecraft. But there are different ways to use or activate TNT in Minecraft.

How to use TNT in Minecraft:

  • Using Flint and steel:You can activate TNT in Minecraft very easily using Flint and Steel. Flint and steel can be crafted very easily just by using a flint and a iron ingot. You can obtain flint by simply mining gravel. You can light the TNT simply by right-clicking on it while holding Flint and steel.
  • Using fire charge:You can craft fire charges using blaze powder, charcoal, and gunpowder. Target your TNT with the help of crosshair while holding a fire charge. Right-clicking will release fire charge towards TNT and as soon as it’ll touch TNT it’ll blow itself as well as TNT. We don’t recommend you to use this method as this method is no so efficient, as you’ll lose a fire charge for each explosion.
  • Using flame enchanted bow:If you’re having a flame enchantment on your bow then you can target and shoot at TNT to activate it very easily. We recommend this method to use as it is safe to use and if you’re a good shooter then you should surely give it a try.
  • Using another TNT:Placing TNT in the blast radius of any activated TNT will blow it up. Make sure not to place your TNT no more than 3 blocks away from the TNT which is supposed to get activated. If You’ll just activate any of the one TNT; after getting blown up, it’ll activate ex-TNT placed in its radius.
  • Using lava or fire:If you’ll pour lava some lava near TNT it’ll catch fire and blow up as soon as coming contact with lava. Similarly, if you will place TNT on an inflammable surface; as soon as it catches fire and fire comes in contact with TNT it’ll blow it up.
  • Red stone:You can also use Redstone blocks and items to activate TNT very easily
    • Using Redstone Torch: Placing a Redstone torch on TNT will active it.
    • Using Lever: Placing lever on TNT and turning it on will activate TNT.
    • Using activated circuit: Placing TNT in an activated circuit will activate it.


TNT explosion is one of the fun elements in the game. After the release of Minecraft 1.16 new ore nether i.e Ancient debris has been introduced in the game which is very important to craft netherite tools and armor. It’s one of the rarest ore in the game, you can make find it very easily but using the TNT mining method. As ancient debris is a blast-resistant ore TNT will not blow it up instead it’ll blow up all the blocks around it except debris.

If you still have any doubts regarding TNT you can comment down below.

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