How to Open the Nine Pillars Genshin Impact? Nine Pillars of Peace

Here is a full guide on How to open the nine Pillars Genshin Impact?

If you want to open the nine pillars of peace in Genshin Impact then you have landed at the right place because this article is all about How to find the location of the nice pillars of peace quest guide and then level IP your Statue of the Seven.

Open the Nine Pillars Genshin Impact

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How to Open the Nine Pillars Genshin Impact and their Locations?

To open the nine pillars in Genshin Impact, you have to go to the Giant pillar in Nine pillars and after that, you have to follow the steps which are given below. You can get the Nine pillars of peace guide by going to the Ciujue Slope in the Liyue and meeting the stone in the middle of the pillar.

Genshin Impact contains a lot of side quests and missions and it is not possible to know about the missions and quest without exploring your island or the area. You will find a lot of quests and mission if you explore the area and look at the signs on your map, you find these quests and mission randomly on the island. You can locate the Nine Pillars of Peace standing next to a stone and by reading the inscription, you can find it.

The stone is encircled with a lot of lanterns and it is present in the middle of a huge canyon, it can be easily found in the region of Cuijue Slope.

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If you try to use the quest Journal navigation, you won’t be able to find it as it doesn’t appear on the chart.

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And the pillars are very close to the starting point, these pillars look like orange totems.

Open the Nine Pillars Genshin Impact:Opening the pillars is very easy, you have to use the stone of Rememberance item to enable all of the pillar. You can get the Stone of Remembrance in the Liyue region by giving the blessing to the Statues of the Seven, and you will need 9 stones, so keep in mind that you have 9 stones of Remembrance.

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How to Open the Nine Pillars Genshin Impact?

There are plenty of creatures inside and you have to protect yourself against them, and you have to fight against the Ruin Guard. Also, you will be fighting with a swarm of Geovishap Hatchling till you beat that. And the last fight is with the Hunter of Ruin. Hunter of Ruin is the strongest of them all so keep this in mind while fighting with him.

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You should keep a lot of food with you so that you can get a boost in attacks and defense.

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Method to Open the Nine Pillars Genshin Impact:

  • Collect all the Stone of Remembrance and climb each of the pillars and put the stone in there.
  • Get into the ruins and search for the ruins, you will have a tough fight there.
  • You will find a luxurious chest while finding the ruins, you will also get an expensive chest and a Royal Flora at the back.
  • Now you can sell the Dull Ring
    • you have to choose an option
      • At Liuyue Harbor, talk to Bolai
        • You can sell it which will give you 180k mora.
      • Talk to Linlang
        • After selling the ring you should receive around 200k mora.

So this was all about How to Open the Nine Pillars Genshin Impact? Nine Pillars of Peace.

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Hopefully, you will like our approach to How to Open the Nine Pillars Genshin Impact? Nine Pillars of Peace.

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