How to Play Minecraft for Free? Easy Guide in 2020

Minecraft is one of the most popular paid games in the world. But, many gamers who do not want to pay for it wants to know how to play Minecraft for free. So, we have brought this guide for you.

Here, you will get complete information on how to play Minecraft for free legally. Our process is completely legal and safe. So, you can easily enjoy Minecraft for free using this guide. Let’s explore the guide.

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How to Play Minecraft for Free?

Playing Minecraft is very interesting and amazing. Creating different things using blocks and making potions, using enchantments is liked by every Minecraft player. But for this, you will have to buy the game for your gaming platform.

If you do not want to purchase it and want to know How to play Minecraft for free, then you will get the answer in this section. Actually, you cannot download the free version of Minecraft. You will have to play it on your browser.

This free web browser edition of Minecraft is different from the full version of this game. There will be a lot of limitations in the free version of this game. It is actually released by the developer of the game to celebrate the 10 Years of Minecraft.

You can enjoy this game with up to your 9 friends. Actually, the free edition is the 2009 version of the original Minecraft Creative mode. So, you will not get mobs in the game. But, there will be original bugs in the game. Apart from that, there will be about 30 blocks for creating.

Yes, we know that it is very less, but you cannot expect the full version for free on your browser. If you want to enjoy the full version of Minecraft, then you will have to purchase it. But, if you are fine with the free browser edition, then it is a nice thing.

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You will not be able to save the progress of your game. Once you will close the tab, all your progress will be lost. So, it is very disappointing for most of the users. All the things made by you and your friends will be gone on closing the tab. If you do not want to lose your progress, then you will have to keep that tab open for always. It is the only method for saving the progress of your game. But, it will be uncomfortable for keeping a tab open for all time.

Here is the link to play the Minecraft game on your web browser for free of cost.

Go to the given link. After that, you will have to pick a username for you. You can also invite up to 9 friends to join this game. The copy button is given to copy the link for joining your game. Just click on the Start button and enjoy it.

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Since you are not paying money for playing this game, so you will get limited features. If you can play Minecraft game with limited features, then this free web browser edition is for you. Professional Minecraft gamers and Lovers may not like this free edition of Minecraft as there are a lot of limitations. But, casual Minecraft players can easily enjoy this game without purchasing it.

This was the complete guide on How to Play Minecraft for Free.

Conclusion: How to Play Minecraft for Free

In conclusion, we hope that you have got the complete information on how to play Minecraft for free. Now, you can enjoy this game without paying any price. If you have any questions or queries related to this guide, you can ask us in the comment section. We are here to help you in solving all your queries and questions.

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