How to Process Ingredients Genshin Impact? Easy Guide 2020

The question of all the games is now How to Process Ingredients Genshin Impact. The reason is simple, some ingredients for recipes are not found in the wild directly. You need to process them with other items.

Here, you will know the easiest way of How to Process Ingredients Genshin Impact. Using this guide, you will be able to process ingredients in the game to make different recipes without any problem. Let’s explore this guide without any delay.

how to process ingredients genshin

How to Process Ingredients Genshin Impact?

If you were searching for How to Process Ingredients Genshin Impact, then you are at the correct place. Our step by step guide will help you in processing Ingredients in the game easily. The complete process is just like eating a piece of cake. So, you will not find any difficulties with it.

  • First of all, you will have to interact with a cooking pot in the game. There are a lot of cooking pots in the game, choose any one of them.
  • After accessing the cooking interface, you will have to navigate to the Processing tab. It has the chili peppers icon. Just click on it to open the required menu in the game.
  • Now, you can easily process any ingredients from the given list. We have given the detail of all processed items for your ease. You will be able to easily perform it after knowing about them.

Details of all Processed Ingredients in the game

Here are the details of all Processed ingredients that you can process now in the game. We have sorted this list according to the processing time.

1. Flour (1 minute)

Flour is a processed ingredient that can be used in many recipes. You will need 1 Wheat for this processed ingredient.

2. Cream (3 minutes)

You can use cream in recipes such as Cream Stew and Spicy Stew. The requirements for this processed ingredient is 1 Milk.

3. Sugar (3 minutes)

Sugar can be used in recipes like Squirrel Fish and Stick Honey Roast. You will need just 2 Sweet Flowers for this processed ingredient.

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4. Butter (5 minutes)

If you want to prepare Sauteed Matsutake, then Butter is necessary. You will require 2 Milk for processing Butter.

5. Smoked Fowl (5 minutes)

Smoked Fowl is required for the popular recipe Northern Smoked Chicken. In order to process Smoked Fowl, you will need 3 Fowl and 1 Salt.

6. Ham (5 minutes)

Ham can be used in a variety of recipes such as Adaptus’ Temptation, Cold Cut Platter, Blessed Symphony, and Jade Parcel. You will need 3 Sunsettia, 2 Berry, and 1 Sugar for processing this ingredient.

7. Cheese (10 minutes)

Cheese can be used in recipes like Pile ‘Em Up, Once Upon a Time in Mondstadt, Mushroom Pizza, and Invigorating Pizza. Cheese can be processed with 3 Milk.

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8. Jam (10 minutes)

You can use Jam in recipes such as Mondstadt Hash Brown and Puppy-Paw Hash Brown. You will need 3 Sunsettia, 2 Berry, and 11 Sugar for this recipe.

10. Bacon (15 minutes)

Bacon can be used in Cold Cut Platter and Blessed Symphony. You just need 2 Raw Meat and 2 Salt in order to make Bacon.

11. Sausage (20 minutes)

If you want to make Cold Cut Platter and Blessed Symphony, then you will require Sausage. In order to process Sausage, you will need 3 Raw Meat.

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This was the complete guide on How to Process Ingredients Genshin Impact. Hope it will help you.

Conclusion: How to Process Ingredients Genshin Impact

In conclusion, we hope that you have got the complete detailed information about How to Process Ingredients Genshin Impact. So, use these processed ingredients in your recipes without any problem. If you are still facing any problem, feel free to ask us in the comment section. We would love to help you in clearing all your problems.

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