How to Stop the Train in GTA 5? – Easy Guide

The common question of all GTA 5 players is How to Stop the Train in GTA 5. No matter which type of obstacle you place in the way of the train, it will cross that obstacle without any difficulty. You might have tried placing airplanes, shooting the train with the rocket launcher, and much more. But, you fail every time.

Here, you will know How to Stop the Train in GTA 5. This method is going to help you in stopping the train in the game. We know that you have seen a lot of tutorials on the internet and all of them were not able to stop the train. But, this is going to help you. Let’s explore it.

how to stop the train in gta 5

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How to Stop the Train in GTA 5?

The first thing you will have to do to learn How to Stop the Train in GTA 5 is to go to the specific jump location marked in the map. We have attached the screenshot of that location for you. You can take help of it.

When you will reach the location, you will have to get in the helicopter to start the jump. You will have to jump from the train and complete the jump successfully with the help of a parachute.

how to stop the train in gta 5

Once, you complete the jump successfully, you will be successfully landed on the train. It is not difficult to use the parachute in the game. You will need just a little bit of training in order to use the parachute.

Keep it in mind that you will not get jump locations unlocked from the starting of the game. These jump locations will become available after completing a certain part of the story mode of GTA 5. So, do not disappoint if you are not finding the given jump point in the game.

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Now, let’s come back to our guide. After landing on the train, you will have to go to the front side of the train. When you reach near the locomotive, you will have to place Sticky Bombs on it. Try to place Sticky Bombs in large numbers.

Once you have completed placing Sticky Bombs, jump from the train or go to the backward side of the train. Now, you will have to detonate these Sticky Bombs. You will see that the speed of the train has started to decrease. It will stop within some seconds.

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Congratulations! You have learned how to stop the train in GTA 5. (Diazepam) You can now use this method easily in order to land on the train and then stop it by detonating your placed sticky bombs.

As we all know that stopping trains in GTA 5 game is a headache. Even if you will place any obstacle like a truck, airplane, tanker, or anything. You will become failed in stopping the train. Now, stop the train using this amazing method and surprise your friends if they do not know this method. Apart from stopping the train, you can also open the gates of the container placed on the train using different weapons. But, you will not be able to enter those containers.

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Conclusion: How to Stop the Train in GTA 5

In conclusion, we hope that you have got the complete guide on How to Stop the Train in GTA 5. Finally, you can easily stop the train in the game. You can now try it and check out. Our method is completely working and it is not a clickbait. If you have any questions or queries related to this, feel free to ask us in the comment section. We would love to help you in solving all your queries and questions.

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