How to Tame a Fox in Minecraft – Full Guide

There are many kinds of animals in Minecraft you will see, many people must like foxes in Minecraft and won’t it be good if you can tame them and make them follow you? I will tell you how to tame a fox in Minecraft today. It would be great right if you can get there towards you, tie them and take them, but it doesn’t seem easy right? They run away as soon as they see you. Well, I will tell you how to do that and believe me it’s super easy.

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Where to find foxes in Minecraft

Before you learn How to Tame a fox in Minecraft, you must know where to find them. Foxes are usually found in the taiga biomes. It’s the forest area or leafy area with lots of trees. There are different kinds of Taiga biomes where you can find foxes like taiga, snow taiga biomes and giant tree taiga. I would really recommend you to go to snow taiga biomes where you can find more foxes than in other ones. So, to tame a fox in Minecraft you should go to a place where you have more foxes.

foxes in tiaiga biomes
foxes in taiga biomes

How to tame fox in Minecraft?

Well, taming a fox in Minecraft is just a simple step, that is to make a new fox by making 2 foxes mate. Sounds impossible right?  Believe me, it isn’t at all actually just with little effort you will be able to do that.

How to go near fox?

Fox in Minecraft
Fox in Minecraft

For taming fox in Minecraft, you must first go near them. Let’s say you saw 2 foxes sitting there and as soon as you approach them they will run off and get away from you. So, to avoid that you need to do simple stuff that gets near them into while coaching all the time you need to make sure you are crouching and not standing. When you do that you will see that they won’t get away when you crouching, this is because while you crouching they don’t notice you.

If you want to get down a block or jump a block while crouching towards foxes make sure not to stand. Keep yourself in a crouching position and jump if you stand up and leave the crouching position the foxes will run that time only.

Steps for How to tame a fox in Minecraft

Now that you can get close to them, the method of how to tame a fox in Minecraft is simple. Just make those 2 foxes mate each other and you will get a new fox that will be tamed.

This is How to tame a fox in Minecraft
This is How to tame a fox in Minecraft

When you get near them you need to build a boundary with blocks of any type covering them in all four directions. Do not leave the crouching position still, keep maintaining it while you make that boundary. Once done double that or triple that boundary so they can’t jump above them and stay locked inside. Once you get into standing position now you will see they will be freaked out and try to run away but they are trapped. This is an important step for learning how to tame a fox in Minecraft.

Once you get them trapped inside all you need to do is feed both of them 1 berry each once they are done eating that they will start the lovemaking process giving you a baby fox. Which wi+ll be tamed and won’t even run when it sees you, you can even name that tamed fox so when you see it you will know. This is the way and the answer to your question of How To tame a fox in Minecraft. It was easy right? Now have fun and enjoy the game.

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