Human Fall Flat Update brings Factory level on Consoles in 2020

The latest Human Fall Flat Update has brought a new Factory level in the game on consoles for all players. Due to the addition of this new level in the game, every fan of this amazing game wants to know about it.

Here, you will get the complete details of the Human Fall Flat Update and the new Factory level that is added in the game. All details of this new Factory level are discussed here. Let’s explore them all.

human fall flat update

Human Fall Flat Update brings Factory Level for Consoles

Human Fall Flat update is now released and the Factory Level is now added in the game on all gaming consoles. As we all know that the Factory level was added in the game in May this year. After this new level on PC, every console player of this game was eagerly waiting for this amazing level to be added in the game.

You will see a total of 4 achievements on this latest level. You will earn a total of 120 Gamerscore upon completing all these 4 achievements.

We have discussed all 4 achievements of this latest level below. You will get all information related to the achievements of this level.

All achievements in this new level

Here are all four achievements that you will have to complete to receive a total of 120 Gamerscore in the game. So, complete all the given achievements now on your gaming consoles.

1. The Foreman

You will have to complete the Factory for this achievement. You will be rewarded a total of 20 Gamerscore upon completion of this achievement.

2. How to Get Fired!

The second achievement that you will have to complete is How to Get Fired! You will have to throw one of each item in the fire that is in the final room of the Factory. You will receive a total of 20 Gamerscore after completing this achievement in the game.

3. After Hours

The third achievement in this new level that is added through the Human Fall Flat Update is After Hours. You will have to complete the first half of this amazing Factory level without turning on lights. If you succeed, you will be awarded a total of 40 Gamerscore.

4. Radio Silence

This is the last achievement that you can complete in this new level of the game. For completing Radio Silence achievement, you will have to throw all four Radios away from the level in the Factory.

Doing this will help you in completing this achievement that will provide you a total of 40 Gamerscore.

That was the complete achievement guide. Now, you can easily play this level and complete all the given four achievements for receiving a total of 120 Gamerscore as a reward.

This level is going to be a free level. It is an amazing and interesting level. You will see a lot of items at this level as this level features amazing items such as gears, conveyor belts, some crane puzzles, and a lot of other features.

You should definitely try them.

The developer of this amazing game is Lithuanian studio No Brakes Games. If we talk about the publisher of this game, it is published by Curve Digital.

Conclusion: Human Fall Flat Update

In conclusion, we hope that you have got complete information related to this latest added Factory level in the game through the Human Fall Flat Update. Now, you can easily enjoy this newly added level in the game.

If you have any queries or questions related to this latest update and Factory level, you can ask us in the comment section. We are here to help you in solving all your queries and questions.

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