HyperScape Release Date for PC, PS4 in USA, UK, India 2020

After the announcement of HyperScape, every game lover wants to know the HyperScape release date. Ubisoft has already released the tech testing of this game for users.

In this article, we will see the release date, features, and many other updates regarding this app. Let’s start this article without wasting time.

HyperScape Release Date

HyperScape Release Date

Hyper Scape is a Battle Royale game developed by Ubisoft Entertainment. The beta version of this app is launched for users in the selected region. Users from those selected regions can try this game before the official launch. You can register for the beta version of this game on the official site of Ubisoft.

The beta version of this game is released on November 2, 2020. If we talk about the official HyperScape Release Date, Ubisoft has not announced the official release date. (Alprazolam) But, we can expect the official release of this game in the last of November for PC. If you want this game to play on gaming consoles, you will have to wait until the last of 2020. According to the rumors, the PC version will release in the last November while the Gaming Console Versions will launch in the last of this year.

Introduction to Hyper Scape

If you haven’t heard of Hyper Scape, we will explain this game to you. Hyper Scape is a Battle Royale game coming on PC and other Gaming Consoles. This game will be free to download and play. But, there will be in-game purchases to make your gameplay better.

This Battle Royale game is also similar to other games of this type. But, there are many features that make this game different and unique. We have mentioned all the unique features of this game.

Map of Hyper Scape

In Hyper Scape, you will get a unique virtual map. Neo Arcadia is a virtual and shiny city in this game. You will get this city on the map. You will get a lot of landscapes, skyscrapers, interior rooms, and much more in this map.

Modes in HyperScape Release Date

In Hyper Scape, you will get Crown Rush mode in the game. A total of 100 players can land in the map ‘Neo Arcadia’ of this game. You can choose ‘solo’ or ‘squad’ according to your choice to play in this game.


You can easily crossplay this game on your devices. You can enjoy the cross-platform progression on your PC and other gaming consoles. We all are waiting for the HyperScape Release Date announcement to enjoy this feature.

Unique Death mode

In other Battle Royale games, you become a spectator after your death in the game. But, it is not the case with Hyper Scape. You will become an Echo after your death in this game. Due to this, you can guide your squad in the game. But, you cannot involve in the Combat.

Once, your squad defeats the enemy squad, you can leave the Echo mode from the respawn point. This mode makes the game unique and very handy.

Weapons and Hacks

The way of getting weapons in this game is also the same as other Battle Royale games. But the main difference is that you can carry two hacks at once and use anyone at any point.

You can also upgrade your previous weapons by finding them again in the game. It will upgrade the weapon.

Conclusion: HyperScape Release Date

In conclusion, we hope that you have got all information about the HyperScape Release Date. If you have any problem or questions regarding this game, feel free to ask us in the comment section. We will love to help you.

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