Is it Worth Using the Iron Grip in Destiny 2?

If you are looking to know about the Iron Grip in Destiny 2 and don’t know if it is worth using the Iron Grip in Destiny 2, then you have landed at the right place.

We have discussed everything about the Iron Grip and Iron Gaze weather you should use it or not, we have a detailed article below, have a look.

Iron Grip in Destiny 2

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Is it worth using the Iron Grip in Destiny 2?

Before knowing if you should use it or not in the game, we should know What is Iron Grip?

Iron Grip is a gear that you can use to improve the stability of the weapons. In any game out there, it is usual that if you use extra gear with your weapons then it improves your weapon’s performance and it boosts the damage, etc. But is it the same case here in Destiny 2?

The Iron Grip in Destiny 2 massively improves weapons ability at the cost of the reload speed so we will be breaking down exactly what is the Iron Grip do and we will also know about the Iron Gaze.

Iron Gaze in Destiny 2: The Iron Gaze massively improves the weapon target acquisition at the cost of weapon range.

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Using Iron Grip in Destiny 2

The Iron Grip provides more stability at the cost of the reload speed plus 18 stability and negative 36 reload speed. So we did some tests and found out that without the perk it takes 1.9 seconds to reload and with the perk, it takes 2.43 seconds to reload. So it becomes 28% slower after you use the iron grip in destiny 2, which is not at all good. We also found that it had more vertical recoil and pretty much the same horizontal recoil. We did this test on an AR.

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Using Iron Gaze in Destiny 2

The Iron gaze is the more target acquisition by the cost of what range so it will be minus 36 for range and plus 20 for Aim assistance.

We did this test also by an AR, and we found that the normal damage drop-off with the perks we had something around 29 meters. And when we found out that after putting the gaze and keep all the other perks the same as the damage, the sharp-off was a lot closer because we were losing that much of the range.

So we found that after using the Iron Gaze that range becomes 24% shorter than the normal. This will make you lose a lot of gunfights. We also saw that it was very difficult to notice any visual changes while using it and the aim assist was all filling up.


When using the Iron Grip in destiny 2, we did not find any advantage in using it, as it reduces the loading speed by 28% which is not at all good, and also the grip was not that good.

When it comes to the Iron Gaze we would suggest you take some time and use it, if you find it helpful then you can use it, but our recommendation would be that it will let you lose a lot of Gunfights, so we don’t recommend you using the Iron Gaze in Destiny 2. So the conclusion is not to use these as by using both of these you will end up losing a lot of Gunfights.

So this was all about Iron Grip in Destiny 2 is Worth Using.

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Hopefully, you will like our approach on Iron Grip in Destiny 2 is Worth Using.

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