Jean Genshin Impact Birthday Celebration | 2 Events

miHOYO is coming up with different updates and events to keep their game on top and this time they are celebrating the Jean Genshin Impact Birthday event. A new character is going to get added into the game and a lot of new weapons and other items are also incoming in the upcoming update of Genshin Impact. We have all the details and info about the Genshin Impact next update, have a look.

Jean Genshin Impact Birthday

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miHOYO has planned a new marketing roadmap for Genshin Impact.

They are changing their use of traditional techniques to promote the game and they want players to stick to the game and so they are coming up with different types of events and celebrations similar to Pokemon Go. Some players are liking this way of celebration, however, some players are looking forward to other games, as Genshin Impact is becoming boring for them and it is not the same when it was launched so miHOYO has made a new roadmap which we will be explaining throughout this article.

Below, you can find out more info about Jean Genshin Impact Birthday Celebration and upcoming update 1.4, have a look.

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Jean Genshin Impact Birthday Celebration Event

miHOYO is celebrating a new event which is known as White Day. For your kind information, White Day is celebrated after one month of Valentine’s Day which comes on 14th February. So on the 14th of March, Today Genshin Impact is Celebrating White Day. On Valentine’s Day, Genshin Impact players got some gifts and on White Day they can give gifts to others, and this is how miHOYO is celebrating Jean Genshin Impact Birthday.

miHOYO tweeted 2 new artworks for the fans, and there is a special message in there for the fans, have a look at the tweets.

So these were the tweets about the 2 new artworks from miHOYO at the Jean Genshin Impact birthday celebration.

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Some fans celebrated Jean’s Birthday in their own way, and wished Jean a very happy birthday by making tweets, have a look.

So this is how Jean’s Birthday is getting celebrated by Genshin Impact and their fans.

Conclusion: Jean Genshin Impact Birthday

In conclusion, we can conclude that there is nothing special you need to know about Jean’s Birthday. It’s okay if you are not up to date with this as there are no special events. It’s just that miHOYO is celebrating this day as White Day and players who received gifts on Valentine’s Day are now able to gift other players.

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Hopefully, you will like our approach on Jean Genshin Impact Birthday Celebration | 2 Events.

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