Lectern Minecraft – Recipe | Use

In this blog, we tried our level best to explain what is Lectern Minecraft. This blog also explains the uses of lectern and how to make a perfect lectern in Minecraft game.

Let us start with the basic introduction of Lectern Minecraft.

What is Lectern Minecraft?

A Lectern in Minecraft refers to a job site block of a librarian.A lectern can occur in village libraries. The use of lectern is to hold books for several players. It helps the players to read in multiplayer.

Mechanism of Lectern Minecraft

As we wrote earlier, lectern can hold books for various players. It holds a book known as “Book and Quill”. Several players can read this book at one time. If you right-click the empty Lectern Minecraft with a book and quill, it will place them on the lectern. After that, right-click on the book and quill to open it so that all the players can read it at the same time.

Lectern Minecraft
Lectern Minecraft

Next, we are going to discuss another term “Redstone signal”.

A Lectern Minecraft with a book and quill can develop a Redstone signal. The signal is created by using Redstone Comparator. This signal produces every time when the player turns the page. In this, a villager can turn into a librarian without any profession. This is possible only if the villager has a lectern but doesn’t have a librarian villager.

The Lectern Minecraft has various uses. For example, it can be used in the form of fuel for smelting items in smokers, furnaces, and blast furnaces.

Now, some of you may want to know what Book and Quill is. Considering this, here we are providing a brief idea on it.

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What is Book and Quill?

Books and Quills are the materials used in Minecraft to write books. If you click on “Book and Quill”, the book will get open. These are used mainly for multiplayer. It’s because a player may write around 50 pages, and they take up less space. Each page holds 256 characters; it means a player can write up to 12800 letters in a book.

Next, let’s move on to one of the important things. It is none other than crafting a Lectern Minecraft.

How to Make a Lectern Minecraft?

You can easily make a lectern in Minecraft. However, before moving on to the crafting steps, we are listing out the materials that you can make use to make a Lectern Minecraft.

Materials Required To Make a Lectern in minecraft

To craft Lectern you should have 4 Quantities of any type of wooden slap and 1 bookshelf.

Oak Wood Slab

Dark Oak Wood Slab

1 Bookshelf

Jungle Wood Slab

Spruce Wood Slab

Acacia Wood Slab

Birch Wood Slab

Now, let’s explore the steps to craft a Lectern. The steps below can help you make a lectern in Minecraft easily.

Lectern Recipe
Lectern Recipe

Let’s have a look.

  1. Firstly, open the crafting table to get the crafting grid of 3×3 dimension.
  2. Keep 1 bookshelf in the crafting grid. Then, place 4 wooden slabs in it.
  3. While placing the wooden slabs, make sure that you place 3 wooden slabs in the first row.
  4. Then, place 1 bookshelf in the 2nd row and 1wooden slab in the middlebox of the third row.
  5. Finally, move the Lectern Minecraft to inventory.

Note: You can use any of the above mentioned wooden slabs.


Nowadays, many people are playing Minecraft. As a result, its popularity is increasing as the day goes on. When it comes to Minecraft, crafting a Lectern Minecraft is an important process.

However, some of you may find difficulty in crafting it. This blog is for those people as I explained what lectern is, its uses, and how to make it.

Make a perfect Lectern Minecraft and enjoy gaming.

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