How to Get Light From Darkness Mod in Destiny 2?

By | January 10, 2021

Do you know how to get the “Light From Darkness Mod in Destiny 2”? Or How to get the Light From Darkness mod unlocked in Destiny 2? If you are looking to unlock this mod but don’t have any idea what to do, then you have landed at the right place.

Here we have a quick and simple tutorial on How to get the Light from Darkness Mod unlocked in Destiny 2, so enough talking let’s dig into the topic.

Light From Darkness Mod in Destiny 2

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How to Unlock Light from Darkness mod in Destiny 2?

Destiny 2 contains a lot of mods and to get these mods you have to complete or finish some specific tasks or missions or challenges. The best and the main way to get all of these mods in Destiny 2 is from the Seraph Tower public events and from the seraph bunkers from this season. So if you are slacked off on some of the other content earlier in the season, this is the best time to get any of the mods that you may be missing out on.

We need a lot of seraph tower public event completions for the felwinter’s lie quest, so you have a good opportunity to do some of the Seraph towers public events if you are still missing out on some of these mods, so all of the 3 locations of the Seraph Tower public event that is the EDC the moon and IO, and once you complete a successful run of it, they will drop a total of 4 different mods.

After that, you can open up the War Mine Chest which is the one on the left and you need an encrypted war man bit to open this chest and guaranteed you will get a drop of one of those 4 mods.

Until you have all four of them and then you can find the other 2 mods for the location will come from the bunker themselves so once you fully upgrade and max out a Seraph bunker you can then buy the other 2 mods from the bunker themselves and each of them will cost you around 5 encrypted war mine bits and that is how you get the other 2 mods related to that location.

So we will quickly go through which mods are tied to which locations so from the easy seraph tower public event you can get the modular lighting burning cells cellular suppression and a war mines protection and from the EDC bunker you can get the rage of the war mine. And incinerating light from the moon seraph tower public event, you can get the blessing of Rasputin, the strength of Rasputin, the wrath of Rasputin, and the power of Rasputin.

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Light from Darkness Mod in Destiny 2: How to Get All Warmind Cell Mods

From the Moon bunker, you can get the sheltering energy and the war mines light and finally the IO seraph tower event you can get the light of the fire a chosen of the war mine fireteam media and war mines longevity and then from the IO bunker you can get the grass of the war mine and light from the darkness so those are all the mods from each of the towers and bunkers and then there is a free one called the global reach.

Even though it is kind of grayed out when you go to your collection tab it is free for everyone so if you try to equip it on any of your armor pieces it will be there and it will be available to equip so you don’t have to do anything to unlock that one and then the other 2 mods related to war mine cells from the season do come from the artifacts and that one is the tyrant Serge mod and Hammer of the war mine.

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So this was all about How to Get Light From Darkness Mod in Destiny 2.

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Hopefully, you will like our approach to How to Get Light From Darkness Mod in Destiny 2.

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