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The new jungle champion of League of Legends is Lillia. Know The new champion Lillia Abilities are in the below article. The developer of League of Legends is Riot Games and the Publisher is Riot games that is Tencent Garena. League of Legends is an online battle area video game it is a multiplayer game. There are different champions in the game that players assume in the game and the champions have different abilities. The new champions Lillia Abilities to battle with enemies.


Lillia Abilities
Lillia Abilities

The new champion of League of Legends Lillia is going to arrive on Patch 10.15. Lillia lives around the trees in the garden. Lillia came from the dreaming tree from the bloom of a tree. Lillia is a magical half-human, half fawn forest-dwelling, staff-wielding jungle champion. Lillia does magical damage to her enemies, she uses magic, dreams nature to protect. Let’s know the following Lillia Abilities.

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Lillia Abilities

Take a look at Lillia Abilities, the new champion of League of Legends.

  • The first ability of Lillia is Passive Dream Laden Bough, this ability deals with the enemy’s health, she applies dream dust and does magic damage over 3 seconds.
  • The next ability of Lillia is Q-Blooming Blows, there are two types in Q-Blooming Blows that are: Passive and Active. Lillia uses her branch, she swings it in the air and affects the magic damage to the closed enemies, also gives big damage to the enemies that are on the outer edge of the circle.
  • W- Watch out! Eep! In that, the enemies that are at the center get damaged by Lillia’s huge strike.
  • Another one ability of Lillia is E: Swirlseed this is great ability that a Swirlseed throw by Lillia and it lands and strikes the enemies and slows the enemies for 3 seconds. The seed goes towards the enemies until it hits someone.
  • That’s a little fun R – Lilting Lullaby, A Lullaby cast by Lillia for the enemies and that affects the enemy’s dream dust and it slows enemies dream dust before falling asleep for seconds. These are the different Lillia Abilities.

League of Legends New Champion Lillia Release Date

Lillia league of legends

The new champ, Lillia the Bashful Bloom, The look of Lillia is shared by Riot Games. Riot confirmed that the next two League champions are coming up soon in the Big summer event. The Patch 10.15 coming with Lillia the new champion of League of Legends and the good news is that the new patch 10.15 is coming on November 22, 2020. Just wait for a few days and enjoy the new champion Lillia and enjoy with Lillia Abilities.

Lillia League of Legends Teaser Trailer

The teaser trailer released by Riot Games for the new champion Lillia. In the Riot’s 2020 Roadmap the first look of Lillia showed of. In the cinematic trailer, there are some highlights of the mysterious creatures. In patch 10.14 players would be able to awaken the new champions Lillia from the leaks the information revealed. From the Fans of League of Legends, there is some information that there would be a chance of the connection between two champions Lillia and another one is the midline champion that is Neeko but this is not cleared yet.

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