Machamp Payback Pokemon Go

By | December 22, 2020

Machamp Payback Pokemon Go will appear once again. If you are excited about the Pokemon Go Community Days then you should know about the Machamp Payback Pokemon Go. During the Pokemon Go Community Days event, you have an opportunity to catch Machop and you can evolve it into Machamp, which is a super pokemon, so you should be ready to catch Machamp, have a look at how you can catch Machop and How to evolve it into Machamp.

Machamp Payback Pokemon Go

The Developers, Niantic has announced community days for January 2021, and Machop is going to appear once again in the wilds. You will have an opportunity to catch him during the community day’s event and there is much more that you should know about Machop such as you will be able to evolve Machop into Machamp. Machamp is a Super Pokemon and the last time Machamp appeared in February month this year.

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Machamp has some super special powers which no other Pokemon have, Machamp will learn dark type charged attacks and the Payback during the community days, we have more exclusive details about Machamp Payback Pokemon Go, so even if you are not excited about the Pokemon Go Community Days, you should look at the superpowers of Machamp and then decided, if it is good or not, have a look at the details.

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Machamp Payback Pokemon Go All Details

Community Days has been announced by Niantic for Jan 2021, and this one is going to be a special event as Machop is going to appear during the event. Machop is a special Pokemon which last time appeared during the community days in Feb, this year. It has some special abilities such as he can learn Dark Type Charged attacks and Payback as well.

Machop will evolve into Machoke and Machoke will evolve into Machamp which is a Super Pokemon. Even Machop and Machoke are somewhat special, Machoke will be able to benefit you from the Trade Evolution, only a very few Pokemon can benefit you from the Trade Evolution.

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You have to collect at least 100 Machop candy to evolve it into Machoke. And the best time to collect Machop candies is the community days.

Now, let us see how to catch Machop.

Machamp Payback Pokemon Go: How to Catch?

The Machop is going to appear during the community days and he will appear in the wild only. You have an opportunity to grab him, your Incense will last for 3 hours and will be stronger during the community days. Also, Shiny Machop will appear during the community days which will be very rare and it will be very difficult to catch him.

Now let us see what are the features of Machop.

Machop Features:

  • Machop and Shiny Machop will appear in the wilds only and more frequently.
  • Machamp knows Payback and to get a Machamp just evolve your Machoke during the event, you have to evolve it up to 2 hours to get the Machamp.
  • You can buy a special Machop community Day Box for around 1,280 Pokecoins during the event, it will give you 4 Incense, Elite Charged TM, 4 star pcs, and 30 ultra balls.
  • You can get Machop Community Day during the Special Research Story for around $1.
  • If you purchase a ticket for Pokemon Go Tour: Kanto, then you will get the Special Research story for free.


  • x3 catch Stardust
  • Incense during the event will last for 3 hours

So this was all about the Machamp Payback Pokemon Go.

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Hopefully, you will like our approach on Machamp Payback Pokemon Go.

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