Madden 21 Update 1.03 – Complete Patch Notes

By | August 25, 2020

Madden 21 Update 1.03 is released by the developer of the game. After the release of this latest update, all the players of this amazing game wants to know the changes made in the game. So, we have brought the complete patch notes of this latest update.

Here, you will get the complete details of the latest Madden 21 Update 1.03, its Patch Notes, and much more in detail. Let’s explore them without any delay.

madden 21 update 1.03

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Madden 21 Update 1.03 is released

As we all know that this game is currently in demo testing and it is not fully released. So, this Madden 21 Update 1.03 is basically for the demo version of this game. But, it is going to release on November 28, 2020. SO, you will not have to wait too much if you are not playing this game in demo.

We have brought the complete patch notes of this latest Madden 21 Update 1.03. It will help you in knowing all the changes made in the demo edition of this upcoming game. Since it is in early access, so you must be facing a lot of bugs and other problems. Let’s explore whether the developer team has fixed these issues or not.

Madden 21 Update 1.03 Patch Notes

Here is the list of all the changes made in the game through this latest update. You will know all the changes through this patch note. So, read it completely.

  • A lot of various game crashing issues are now fixed through this latest update.
  • In this update, stability and performance improvements are also made in the early access of this game.
  • You will also notice network connection improvements in the game after this update.
  • Rewards for this week will be delayed as the MUT Team collects the data of all players who participated in Solo Battles this week.
  • Players who played more than the maximum number of games will receive rewards based upon the score of their first attempt.
  • Players that played the required amount of games this week will receive their rewards based on the requirement tiers. (So, there will not be top 100 Rewards for this week again.)

As most of the players of this game were facing several crashes and bugs issues, now most of these issues are fixed by the developer team of this upcoming game. So, you will not notice these issues again in the game.

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If you are one of those who loves to play the stable version of the game, then you will not have to wait for more time. This amazing game is going to release on November 23, 2020. So, you will be able to enjoy this amazing game just after its release. If you are already playing early access to this game, then do not forget to share your opinion about this game. This game is receiving mostly positive reviews. We hope that you are also loving this game in its early access.

The developer of this American football video game is developed by EA Tiburon. While it will be published by Electronic Arts. Currently, you will be able to enjoy this game on your Windows PC, PS4, and Xbox One. But, the Xbox Series X and PS5 edition will also release in the upcoming time.

Conclusion: Madden 21 Update 1.03

In conclusion, we hope that you have got the complete information related to this latest Madded 21 Update 1.03. Now, you know the changes made in the game with the help of Patch Notes. If you have any questions or queries related to this latest update, you can ask us in the comment section of this article. We are here to help you in solving all your questions and queries.

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