Minecraft 1.15 – Bee Update

Minecraft 1.15 Update has recently launched and it’s going good for many people there are lots of things that you can use and have fun with. The game has become more and more indulging and fun to play. We’re gonna talk about some of the interesting updates that you can see in the Minecraft 1.15 update. Mainly going to focus on Bee updates and a few others, so let’s go.

Minecraft 1.15
Minecraft 1.15

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Minecraft 1.15 Bee update

In Minecraft 1.15 update there is a massive Minecraft Bee update too that gives you some new great features which we are going to talk about so let’s start. Also now 1.15.1 and 1.15.2 Update is released.

Bee in Minecraft
Bee in Minecraft
  • Bees in Minecraft bee update will now be in selective kind of spawn and they will buzz around the flowers.
  • Bee will damage you and sting you in the Minecraft 1.15 update if you hit them like their eyes will turn red and they will sting you. They won’t die after that but they will not be able to attack you again.
  • You can now attract bees in bee update, all you need is to hold a flower and they follow you all along. You can even make them breed and have babies bee now, that is super great.
  • Bees will now rest on the bee nest and they will collect pollen, the crops that are near that bee nest have a good chance of getting faster growth. We are talking about having a level of faster growth than other crops. If you destroy a beehive or bee nest, all the bees near that will attack you and chances are you will die if you keep getting stung by lots of them.
  • You can create a Bee nest yourself in the Minecraft Bee update. It’s easy to get a Bee nest or Beehive just take 3 honeycombs and 6 planks, you put them 3 planks on top and 3 on the bottom and in the middle you put 3 honeycombs and Ta-da you got yourself a beehive.
  • Minecraft Bee update you can now make honeycomb block, all you need is 4 honeycombs placed in 2*2 pattern. The block in Minecraft 1.15 update can be used for certain things like decoration. It looks really good when you decorate it, it can carry items like when you placed an item above it, the item will move with the block. It doesn’t happen with normal blocks so yeh it’s new and good. You won’t be able to jump too much on a honeycomb block probably because of the stickiness.
  • In this update the main part is harvesting honey.
Collect Honey from Honeycomb
Collect Honey from Honeycomb

Additions in Minecraft 1.15 update

Food: Now in Minecraft 1.15 update you can eat food in creative mode before you were able to eat maybe like golden apples and stuff now you can eat cakes and all kinds of food you have.

Iron Golems: The iron Golems in Minecraft 1.15 update can now crack after taking a lot of damage and also can be healed by giving them iron ingots. It’s a good view to look at when the change happens, you should definitely try it.

Spectate: It is what it sounds like, in Minecraft 1.15 update you will be able to spectate the mobs from any view you want and any mobs you want to spectate.

Sneak and Sprint: In Minecraft’s new update you can hold sneak and sprint, just go to the option and choose the option to hold sneak and sprint. Now when you come back and get in the sneak position you will see you are stuck in that, so same with the sprint and you can do both together too.  It’s really good for taming foxes as you can only go near them if you crouch.

Sponge: In Minecraft Nether update, if you place a sponge it will automatically dry it up and make sure cool sounds, it is like some chemical reaction happening.

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