Best Minecraft 1.16 Server List

Minecraft 1.16 Server is one thing that is currently going on and on, we all know that Minecraft servers are mostly owned by players for just hosting purposes for their business purposes. You can join a server and host a server too, with the help of many hosting providers. You can use it locally by providing your local IP address of the server and you can even broadcast your server there some Programs that do that for you. One is Hamachi that will broadcast your server and forward it to the internet.

Minecraft 1.16 Server
Minecraft 1.16 Server

There are different modes in the server depending on what you give it what server you are joining the in, the basic mode that every server has is your single-player mode and multiplayer mode. After this Nether Update 1.16 now everyone is looking for a server to play multiplayer games. You can join the servers given below.

Hosting a Minecraft 1.16 Server

Is it free?

Provided list of Minecraft 1.16 Servers are free to join, but if you want to host a server there are some free hosting software which is your default multiplayer in Minecraft. If you want to use a server for your own team it can cost up to 15 dollars to 20 dollars a month for 20 people.

Different types of server

  • The default multiplayer software
  • Opening a world to Lan
  • External server clients
  • Rented server
  • Realms
  • Dedicated servers

Minecraft 1.16 Server are usually either free rented or bought from different companies, through these types of server. These all have some requirements which you need to know before using any of them.

Managing and maintaining the server

Minecraft 1.16 Server is not easy to maintain, you will need time and a team that will be always online. Every server that you will see on the top is always online even right now when you are reading this all top servers are online and running. There are lots of things that you need to take care of like bug messages and if your server crashes you need to fix it and all the updates. Then there is your kick message and all of that too, so yeah maintaining a server is not easy at all.

The best Minecraft 1.16 Server

While we are talking about servers there are lots of Minecraft 1.16 Server that is currently being used and lots of players that are playing on that server. Believe it or not, some servers even have a limit of 2k players or more, so let’s check the top server rank and stats.

#1. Snapshot-pandamium: This Minecraft 1.16 Server is so famous currently that it’s the no 1 server in the world. In all of the servers this server holds the rank 1 and the IP address of this server is you can search this server and if it’s not busy you may be able to have fun in this server. The server has survival mode, vanilla, PVE and PVP. It’s a vanilla Minecraft server and it keeps updating to the latest snapshot. So having this server will be the best as you will always stay updated.

#2. Templex: This Minecraft 1.16 Server is the rank 2 server, and let’s you play Survival,PVE and video. It is a very hard server as the difficulty level is hard. The server theme is that if you want to be in a server that has no corruption and worry of other players that will come and destroy your game then this server is just for you. The staff is also handpicked according to the hoster and no says there will be no problem in the staff. The server IP address is so if you agree with them then feel free to join them in their journey.

Check Here:

#3. Snapshot nether update: This Minecraft 1.16 Server is ranked 3rd in the world ranking. The server IP address is and you can play Survival, PVE, and PVP on the server. The server is Survival mode based server and started when 1.13 snapshot was released now it’s 1.16 and hopefully, they will keep going.

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