Minecraft 1.16 Snapshot – 20w29a

Every Minecrafter is excited about the new update Minecraft 1.16. This update is going to be released soon. Let’s know the details of Minecraft 1.16 Snapshot. The Minecraft 1.16 is announced as a Nether update in MINECON Live 2019. This update is for Java edition of the game. Now Snapshot 20w29a is released. Check details at the bottom.

Check New Minecraft Snapshot 20w29abelow.

Minecraft 1.16 Snapshot

After the announcement of the Nether update, it became one of the hot topics in the Minecraft community. The developer team of Minecraft was taking feedback and suggestions from the community to make this nether update more interesting. They also asked the community and taken voting on what should name of the new mob and what should it barter. After all the development, Minecraft lover are waiting for Glimps of Minecraft 1.16 Snapshot.

Before releasing Any Version of Minecraft or while developing an update Mojang developers always interact with players and community to take suggestions for new additions and modifications in the game. For the Minecraft 1.16 Snapshot also developer team developed Nether update with the community suggestions and demand. Many developers used Twitter to interact with the community.

Minecraft 1.16 Snapshot Patch Notes

There are many new additions in the nether update. We have already provided all the details of Minecraft Nether Update 1.16. The most interesting part about this update is new mobs Piglins and Hollins are added. Many new blocks and items will be added to Minecraft Nether Update. All players were expecting a snapshot of Minecraft 1.16 in January 2020. But for some reason, it is delayed. Now Minecraft 1.16 Snapshot is scheduled in the first week of February. After the release of snapshot now here are new additions in the new updates.

Minecraft 1.16 Snapshot
Minecraft 1.16 Snapshot

New Blocks – Basalt, Blue Fire, Nether Fungi, Soul Soil, Target Block, Blue Nether Wart Block, Popped Glowstone, Red, and Blue Nether Mushrooms, Red and Blue Nether Grass, Nether Vine, Nether Stems.

New Mobs – Piglins and Hoglins

Minecraft Nether Update – New Mob Piglins

New Items – New Spawn Eggs (by piglin and Hoglin), New Food Item (Dropped by Hoglins).

New Biomes – Soulsand Valley, Nether Wart Forest Red, Nether Wart Forest Blue.

Nether Update Biomes
Nether Update Biomes

New World Generation – Bastions, Tree Like Structures, Speleothems

Planned Changes – Bone Blocks, Nether Wart Blocks, Soul Sand, Zombiefied Pigmen, Respawning.

This is an overview of Minecraft 1.16 Snapshot.

Minecraft 1.16 Release

For every new Minecraft Java Edition version, Mojang releases any update in sequence. First, they release snapshots. After releasing snapshot they Pre-release the version. Then after that Mojang releases a full version of the update. Then again you will get further updates like Minecraft 1.16.1 and 1.16.2.

Minecraft Nether Update snapshots are released.

Minecraft Snapshot 20w29a

Click here to check full snapshot 20w29a patch notes

Minecraft Snapshot 20w23a

Minecraft 20w23a Snapshot is to be released. Once it is released you can click here to check details of Minecraft 20w23a Snapshot.

Minecraft Snapshot 20w22a

Piglins can now dance in celebration of completed hunt. For details click here

Minecraft Snapshot 20w21a

This is 17th snapshot of Minecraft 1.16 nether update. This snapshot is going to be released. for more info click on this link when this snapshot is released. You will get all information regarding Minecraft snapshot 20w21a.

Minecraft Snapshot 20w20a

This is 16th snapshot of Minecraft 1.16 nether update. This snapshot is released. for more info click on this link. You will get all information regarding Minecraft snapshot 20w20a.

Minecraft Snapshot 20w19a

Minecraft Snapshot 20w19a is the 15th Minecraft 1.16 snapshot of nether update. This snapshot has many changes and bug fixes.

New Features Added in Minecraft Snapshot 20w19ain soulsand valley.

  • Now the patches of Blackstone and gravel will generate in all nether biomes. Now patches of soul sand will generate.
  • new statistic distance by strider is added.

Changes in Minecraft Snapshot 20w19a

  • any villager can now spawn iron golems regardless of their status or working time.
  • the rarity of bastion has now increased.

Also there are many changes and bug fixes. To read details of Minecraft Snapshot 20w19a click here.

Minecraft Snapshot 20w18a

This is latest Minecraft 1.16 Snapshot released on 29 April 2020. So it is 14th snapshot. Here are the few changes.

  • Redstone wire changes
  • The target block now conducts redstone signals

Also many bug fixes in minecraft snapshot 20w18a.

Click here for more details.

Minecraft Snapshot 20w17a

After 12th snapshot of the nether update, now next Minecraft Snapshot 20w17a is released on 22 April 2020. There are many changes and bug fixes in this Minecraft 20w17a. Here are new additions in Minecraft Snapshot 20w17a.

New Features-

  • Entity Distance scale option ranging from 50% to 500% is added.
  • Difficulty and game rules can now be changed from “Create World” screen.

New Changes –

  • UI of smithing table increased.
  • Spawn frequency of ruined portal is decreased.
  • Bastion Remnant loot is tweaked.

For more details about Minecraftr Snashot 20w17a – Click Here

Click Here to Download Latest Snapshot

Minecraft Snapshot 20w16a

This is 12th snapshot of Minecraft 1.16 Nether Update. Bastion Remnants is key feature added in this snapshot. Bastion remnant is nothing but home of piglins. There are four Types of Bastion Remnants added in Minecraft Snapshot 20w16a that are bridge, Hoglin stable, housing units, and treasure room. Also there are new features added in this snapshot.

  • Added bastion remnants
  • Added ruined portals
  • Added chain blocks
  • Added a new music disc titled “Pigstep” by Lena Raine which can only be found in bastions.

To check full details of Minecraft Snapshot 20a16a – Click Here

Minecraft Snapshot 20w15a

Many new features added in this Minecraft 1.16 snapshot. Besides new blocks and biomes there are also other game improvements. In the Minecraft Snapshot 20w15a new sound Nether Music is added.

Blackstone and gilded Blackstone are the main blocks added this 20w15a snapshot. These blocks are useful to craft stone tools and make a furnace. They only found in nether and it is good alternative for cobblestone in nether.

New biome Basalt Delta is added in Nether. This biome is full of volcanic eruption having basalt column and lava Deltas.

To Check full details Click here

Minecraft Snapshot 20w14a

This new Minecraft 1.16 snapshot has many new changes and addition. Most importantly new mob Zoglins are added in this snapshot.

Zoglins – this new mob in Minecraft Snapshot 20w14a is nothing but Zombified Hoglins. When you bring hoglins from nether to overworld then they becomes Zoglins.

Zoglins are very aggressive they can not bred or fed. They just know to attack everything they see.

Other Changes – Strider balancing is added. Speed of strider is increased significantly.

Snapshot 1 – 20w06a

Snapshot 2 – 20w08a

Minecraft 20w10a Snapshot

This is the 5th snapshot of Minecraft 1.16 Nether Update. There are many new additions and changes in this snapshot. Let’s check details of Minecraft 20w10a Snapshot.


New block hyphae is added which has stripped variant also.

New 95 ambient sounds are added in various nether biomes.

New tags for hoglin and Piglin added.


There are many changes in this minecraft 1.16 snapshot.

Smithing Table got functionality. Now they can use to convert diamond item into netherite item.

Also there are many changes in items and blocks. To get full details of snapshot click here

Minecraft 20w11a Snapshot Details

  • Soul Speed Enchantments added to move fast in soul sand valley.
  • New addition of Twisting Vines.
  • Gold Ore is added in nether. It is same like gold ore in overworld.
  • To get soul speed you have to get boot enchantmnts for soul speed.
  • You can obtain this only by bartnering with Piglins, which only found in nether.
  • Many Bug Fixes and Changes.

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