Minecraft 1.17 Caves and Cliffs Update -All You Need to Know

By | October 4, 2020

I bet everyone is excited about the Minecraft Nether update, while we still haven’t got it there are many people in the Minecraft community talking about the Minecraft 1.17 Caves and Cliffs Update. What will happen in Minecraft 1.17? Is it going to be something that will leave Minecraft Netherite in dust or will Netherite keep its crown? Well, it’s still a mystery to solve but few things have been going on a lot that can prove maybe something amazing is going to happen in Minecraft 1.17 Update.

Minecraft 1.17 Update

Minecraft 1.17 Update

There are mainly 3 topics for the update that people are talking about in the Minecraft community. The most talked-about ones are the End update, Cave Update, and Mountain Update. The things that you can expect from updates are super cool and that’s why we going to cover some things that you should expect from these updates or form Minecraft 1.17 update.

Minecraft 1.17 – Cave Update

Minecraft Cave Update

Minecraft Cave Update

Minecraft 1.17 update may be the cave updated version too. Many people have been asking for cave updates for a long time. Everyone needs it, so this time in Minecraft 1.17 update we may get it. In the cave update, you can expect a new version of biomes and dungeons inside with lots of cobblestone structures and islands with lava floating down and water too.

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There can be lots of undiscovered mobs and animals, There can be some kind of spiders that will be there. You can expect a new under cave forest that will give you a lot of extra supplies and which is cool as it will help you when you don’t have a first near you. There can be underground villages people living there just doing stuff. This has more possibility of getting launched then the end version but it been on a talk for a while who knows if they keep delaying it or finally launch it in the Minecraft 1.17 update.

Minecraft 1.17 – Cliffs Update

In the MINECON LIVE 2020, Minecraft asked fans to vote for which Biome they wanted to see the changes. Minecraft community voted for Mountain Biome. Therefore on the official website, the Minecraft team said that the Mountain biome change is going to be the next update. But there is no confirmation about Minecraft 1.17 is going to be Minecraft Mountain Update.

Minecraft Mountain Update

Minecraft Mountain Update

Here what posted by Minecraft,

Congratulations, mountains! You got the most votes during MINECON Live, which means you’re the biome we’re going to update next! Despite being the winner, this biome was too shy to make a tearful acceptance speech, but we’re sure it would want to thank it’s agent, and everyone who voted this year – you all helped change the future of Minecraft!

There will be lots of conspiracy to add new plants, animals, and mobs in the world.

For more Update, you can follow the official website – minecraft.net

You should also check this YouTube video for Minecraft 1.17 theory –

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19 thoughts on “Minecraft 1.17 Caves and Cliffs Update -All You Need to Know

  1. DEMING45

    i told it will be cave update.

    1. JOYLIIT

      I mean it’s literally called MINEcraft

  2. andre

    spero davero che il prossimo aggiornamento sia del end perchè l’end è stato trascurato da quando lo hanno aggiunto

    1. Matthew S Ross

      i want the end updated because it is boring right now

      1. Patrick

        The end is endgame all you need is dragon egg, chorus fruit, elytra and out.

        1. DJRY

          Well yes and No I mean sure the end is very interesting but it could be a lot more better than just chorus plants and sky islands I mean would it not be cool to the end islands and find different variations of the islands like on one island you got a Chorus fruit island, and on another you have an obsidian island, another you have an Endermen village and another you have an island that has been infected by a disease and the endermen who have been infected by said disease could always be hostile like zombie piglins but different as well as new end themed ores. My point is the End can be so much better than Get the Elytra Get out There are so many untouched ideas mojang can do here it is crazy. (However I would like a cave update First).

          1. 50_1

            I use the end as my main source of EXP, enderman farms are really fast.

          2. Rushikesh Sonkusale

            Well I also use them as a source of XP!!… They’re very much efficient than other farms and also they’re easy to build.

        2. Bashir

          minecraft I want a nether update

  3. Baccar Wozat

    The mountain image is from May 2012 and was part of an adventure map called The Forgotten Lands (which can still be downloaded!) and has nothing to do with any purported 1.17 update.

  4. Choppy

    I want cave update new cave biome, New Mobs
    New block, New weapons, New Dungeons
    , Cystals. etc. I WANT CAVE UPDATE
    Mimecraft 1.17 Cave Update
    Minecraft 1.18 End Update
    I don’t know about Mountain Update

    1. DJRY

      I mean if there is a cave update it would only be fitting to have a mountain update be alongside with it.

  5. Nash

    It did nether update why not the end right?

  6. Ryan James Fallada-Dorazio

    I mean if it is a cave update I think it would be fitting to have the mountains be updated along side the caves

    1. Rushikesh Sonkusale

      Yeah maybe… That’d be cool!! Stay tuned with our site to know more about Minecraft 1.17 ????

  7. Clark kent

    I love mountinain so beautiful
    I love it

  8. a Wellwisher

    I Would rather more biomes in the end so it can be further in the end, or if the egg could hatch and we can pet (or it can be hostile then grow to make a dragon in the overworld) or add like more items like a new potion, that looks like a lingering potion, the dragon’s fireall reath potion i think if u can drop the dragon’s breath on the floor, also, they can add camofulage shulkers like shulkers that looks like a cobbl stone or etc…., last thing, we can add a new biome like end ruins or end plaisn where we could mine a new ore maybe

  9. Jacoby Case

    Right now the caves need a makeover. The mountains should be updated with it.

  10. Gideon

    If it was the end update, and there would be a new gem or ingot, then all you would have to do is mine the end islands which would be easy actually because you just need a gold pickaxe with unbreaking 3 and eff 5 and a couple spares, which should be a cakewalk if you have an exp farm.


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