Minecraft 2.07 PS4 Update Patch Notes

Minecraft 2.07 PS4 Update is rolling out. You can easily download the update on your PS4. A lot of new patch notes have been included in this big update. You will get a lot of new features in this Nether Update.

In this article, we will see every Patch Notes added in the latest Minecraft 2.07 PS4 Update. Let’s start our article without any delay.

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Minecraft 2.07 PS4 Update Patch Notes

Minecraft 2.07 PS4
Minecraft 2.07 PS4

In this section of the article, we will see the list of all the new added Patch Notes in the Nether Update. Every Minecraft player will definitely like these new Patch Notes. Some new Biomes are also added in this update.

Here is the list of all new updated and added Biomes in this latest version.

  • Basalt Deltas biome is added to the Nether update
  • Soulsand Valley biome is also available in this new version.
  • You will also get Crimson Forest biome in this release.
  • A new Warped Forest biome is also added in the Nether.

minecraft 2.07 PS4 update

Now, we will see all the updated and newly added Patch Notes added in the Nether Minecraft 2.07 PS4 Update.

  • Hoglins is added in this version.
  • Netherite is also here for you.
  • You can now use Piglins in Minecraft.
  • You will be able to use and see ruined portals.
  • Now you will get Striders in the game.
  • Zoglins is here for Minecraft lovers.
  • You will also get bastion remnants in this Minecraft 2.07 PS4 Update.
  • A new disableChat command-line option is introduced in this version. If you will use this feature, all receiving and sending on online chat will be disabled.
  • You will also get a disablemultiplayer command-line option in this Nether Version. You can easily disable the Multiplayer button using this command-line option.
  • A debug menu for Game Mode Switcher is also added.
  • New Nether blocks are also added in this update.
  • Soul Speed enchantment is also included in this version of Minecraft for PS4.
  • The lodestone is here for all players of Minecraft.
  • The respawn anchor is added for your betterment in the game. This feature will allow all players to set their respawn points in the Nether. Use this feature while holding glowstone. It will help you to attain a maximum of four charges. Please note that each respawn will use your one charge. You can easily charge the respawn anchor using a dispenser.
  • In this update, you will get the target block in the game.

minecraft 2.07 ps4 update

These were all the new added features in the game, now we will see the updated features of the Minecraft 2.07 PS4 Update.

  • Basalt will now form when lava will flow over soul soil next to the blue ice.
  • If any projectile will hit the Bell blocks, they will start to ring.
  • Now, you can hang Bells from the underside of more blocks easily.
  • Curse of Vanishing can enchant all Compasses in the game.
  • Endermen will be able to pick up some new Nether blocks. But, it will not be able to pick up Netherrack now.
  • Flowing lava can now push all the Entities in this game.
  • Farmer Villagers will be able to compost seeds easily now.
  • Fish will now despawn if it is more than 64 blocks away from the nearest player in the game.
  • Huge fungi can now only grow on the matching type of Nylium.
  • Now, you will get scaled Knockback resistance instead of probability.
  • Lily pads are no longer a treasure in the game. They are just junk fishing loot.
  • If a player is near a village, Patrols will not spawn.
  • If any burning projectile hits the TNT and campfires, they will ignite.
  • Mojang Studios and Minecraft logos are Updated.

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