Minecraft 2.24 PS4 Update Patch Notes

Minecraft 2.24 PS4 Update is out with some changes and fixes. Let’s explore the complete patch notes of the Minecraft game that will help you to explore more about it.

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Minecraft 2.24 PS4 Update


  • Axolotls are amphibious creatures that spawn in underground water
  • Holding a Bucket of Tropical Fish will cause nearby Axolotls to follow the player on both lands and in water. Axolotls cannot be tamed but can be bred by feeding them Buckets of Tropical Fish
  • Axolotl will attack Fish, Squid, Drowned, and Guardians with Minecraft 2.24 PS4 Update.
  • Axolotls come in a variety of colors, all with an equal chance of spawning except for blue. Blue Axolotls have a small chance of spawning as a mutation when breeding two Axolotls

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  • Improved visibility when swimming in underwater caves
  • A new, beautiful main menu panorama for Caves & Cliffs: Part I
  • Updated the appearance of the initial loading screen
  • Compass and Clock item textures have been updated with Minecraft 2.24 PS4 Update.


  • The winning mob of the MINECON Live 2019 mob vote!
  • For now, Goats spawn in Extreme Hills. This will change with Caves & Cliffs: Part II
  • Goats will occasionally ram into players and other mobs
  • Goats can jump high and take less fall damage than other mobs

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Powder Snow

  • Mobs inside a block of powder snow start to freeze and eventually take damage
  • Players can protect themselves from powder snow by equipping leather armor
  • Cauldrons fill up in snowy weather, creating a renewable source of powder snow. It will also generate naturally in certain snowy biomes when Caves & Cliffs: Part II releases

Amethyst Geodes

  • These huge Geodes can be found anywhere underground of newly generated chunks in the Overworld
  • Amethyst Geodes have an outer layer of Smooth Basalt Blocks and a second layer of Calcite Blocks
  • Inside Geodes, there is an inner layer of various Amethyst Blocks with Minecraft 2.24 PS4 Update.

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Glow Berries

  • Glow Berries can be planted on the bottom of most solid blocks to grow cave vines
  • They can be eaten and are as nutritious as Sweet Berries


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