Minecraft Bastion Remnants

By | July 3, 2020

In this article, we are going to see details about newly added Minecraft Bastion Remnants in Nether Update.

Bastion Remnants is an added structure of 20w16a snapshot. 20w16a is the 12th snapshot for Minecraft 1.16 Java Edition. Along with Bastion Remnants, the 1.16 Java Edition has some other features as well.

From this blog, you can get to know almost everything about Bastion Remnants and 20w16a snapshot.

Starting with,

Minecraft Bastion Remnants –

Bastion Remnant is also known as home sweet home. This is a Structure that introduces the pilgins home.

Bastion Remnant has the structure looking like a big castle. The origin of these structures is in Nether except basalt deltas.

Netherite gear, Pigstep music disc, and piglin banner pattern are found in Minecraft Bastion Remnants.

Minecraft bastion Remnants

Minecraft bastion Remnants

Where Bastion Remnants found?

Bastion Remnant is present in some nether biomes. They are:

  1. Nether Wastes
  2. Warped Forest
  3. Soul Sand Valley
  4. Crimson Forest

Minecraft Bastion Remnants Structure

Bastion Remnants has 4 types of structures. They are:

  • Bridges
  • Treasure rooms
  • Hoglin stables
  • Housing units

Now, some of you may want to know about these structures in details.

If yes, here it is.

  1. Bridges
bridge bastion remnant

bridge bastion remnant

The bridge looks like a wall with a piglin face. The piglin face is carved into it. The mouth in it has several levels of footpaths. These pathways are encircled by lava.

  1. Treasure Rooms

Treasure rooms have many bridges and the structure of treasure rooms has a large wall. The wall is supported by the stone-like structure. Moreover, a center loot area and magma cube spawner are present at the bottom.

The center loot area at the bottom has nether wart farm or gold blocks. The pieces of treasure room are in the subfolder treasure.

  1. Hoglin Stables

In this structure, you’ll see an open cavity. This cavity consists of defected hoglin stables on the side.

You can find the pieces of hoglin stables in the “hoglin-stable” subfolder.

  1. Housing Units

The housing units have more than one tower. However, these towers are ruined and surrounded by a central courtyard. The central courtyard has a nether wart, which is growing in the middle portion.

You can get the pieces of housing units from the “units” subfolder.


Additional features:

In Java Edition 1.16, Minecraft 20w16a is the 12th snapshot that added bastion remnants as a feature. Along with this, it also added several other new features. Bastion Remnant is the only source of the music disc, namely Pigstep. Moreover, in Minecraft bastion remnants, you can see the spawners, which spawn Magna cubes.

Minecraft 20w16a snapshot was released on 15th April 2020.

Now, let us have a detailed look into Minecraft 20w16a snapshot.

Other Features Added in Minecraft 20w16a

Along with Bastion Remnant, this snapshot added some other features as well. Those features are:

  1. Ruined Portals
  2. Music Disc
  3. Chains

Modifications in 20w16a

The major changes done in Minecraft 20w16a snapshot are:

  1. You can see piglin banner pattern in Bastion Remnants.
  2. Deltas become more deltary due to the increase in lave pools.

Minecraft 20w16a: Technical Modifications

  1. The max size increased as per the structure blocks axis (32 to 48).
  2. A button added in the GUI. It creates a jigsaw structure. The structure starts from the jigsaw block.
  3. JMX MBean has been added to monitor the dedicated server. This is an amazing technology for monitoring.


Minecraft bastion Remnants is an added feature of the 20w16a snapshot.

I hope you understand about this snapshot and Minecraft bastion remnants from this blog.

If you want the snapshots, you can install it as it is available. Go to Minecraft Launcher, enable snapshots in the tab “installation”.
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