Minecraft Bedrock 1.15 Update

By | May 8, 2020

Minecraft Bedrock 1.15 is the Update everyone is waiting for, many of the people in the Minecraft community have been waiting for Minecraft Bedrock 1.15. Although they have released the beta version of Bedrock edition, the real game Minecraft Bedrock Edition1.15 Update is yet to be released. There is no official date set yet but hopefully, it will be this year only. Today we will see what some of the additions, changes, and fixes have done in Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.15 Update.

Minecraft 1.15 Bedrock

Minecraft 1.15 Bedrock

Minecraft Java edition has already launched 1.16 nether update. So many hoping that for Bedrock edition 1.15 is going to be nether update. because bedrock 1.14 pocket edition was bee update. Minecraft has not announced yer Minecraft Bedrock Nether Update. Therefore Minecraft Bedrock 1.15 is not going to be nether update for bedrcok edition.

Minecraft Bedrock 1.15 Additions

  • Now you can allow and deny blocks that also have borders in the blocks.
  • There are many items that have been added like, potion of slowness 4 which is made by adding glowstone dust to the normal potion of slowness.
  • Just like that you also make splash potion of slowness 4, just add glowstone dust into the normal splash potion of slowness.
  • Lingering potion of slowness 4, it’s the same process as previous ones, just add glowstone dust to the normal lingering potion of slowness.
  • Arrow of slowness 4, now for this you need to tip arrow into a cauldron filled with the potion of slowness 4.
  • There is a new curse that has been added, it’s the curse of binding and it helps the item stick with the player in the armor slot until he dies.

Minecraft Bedrock 1.15 Changes

  • There are lots of changes that happen in Minecraft Bedrock, some of them are in the blocks. Like now your Beacons, you can mix the color with other glass colors.
  • You can remove the potted plants easily by just clicking on it.
  • The irons bars inventory icon in Minecraft Bedrock has been matched with the Java edition.
  • While mining with silk touch shovel the snow tends to fall on its own.
  • Now in Minecraft Bedrock 1.15 when you drop an item it will turn into a 3D figure and start spinning.
  • Many mobs like iron golems, NPC, passive mobs, pufferfish, and your wolf have been made better.

Minecraft 1.15 Bedrock Beta

Now full version of Minecraft Bedrock 1.15 is still not launched. It is in process of launch and beta version for this bedrcok update is already launched. So those players who are playing bedrock edition or Pocket Edition on android, iOS or other gaming console can directly play the the Beta version of Bedrock 1.15 update. Minecraft 1.15 Beta vestions and are already launched.

Minecraft Bedrock 1.15 Beta

Minecraft Bedrock 1.15 Beta

Fixes in Minecraft Bedrock 1.15

There has been a lot of fixing done while making the Minecraft Bedrock 1.15, so it will be easier to play and don’t crash or show some bugs. Before it used to crash while playing games sometimes, also when you click on read more on the screen of a resource pack.

There was a problem while breaking the invisible boxes like the shulker boxes, that has been fixed in Minecraft Bedrock 1.15. Also whenever there was some crash that leads to the fire spreading in a beehive that also has been fixed.

Performance of the gameplay has been made better in Minecraft Bedrock 1.15, the animation has been enhanced as well as performance while breaking plants has been optimized.

In Minecraft Bedrock 1.15 gameplay there have been lots of fixes, like the missing text in the cartography table has been fixed. The movement is more smooth when you go from running to swimming. You can even deal with the damage inside the water with the TNT explosion. Mobs and items will be taking the damages and will get destroyed if you put them on a cactus block.

Mobs also have been made better in Minecraft Bedrock 1.15, the tamed horse jumping animation has been made better, as well as iron golem has been modified. Wolves will be seen in more biomes. The villagers have been modified so they will not run inside the house when they are raided. The snow golem can try to shoot snowballs, the zombie villagers cannot break iron bars anymore.

Other than this there are many Minecraft Bedrock 1.15, features that been added and maybe will be added before the release and there are great graphic changes that have happened which you will see in the game itself.

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