Minecraft Cartography Table – Recipe, How to use

Minecraft is by far one of the most amazing games and also the most popular game ever. There is an unbelievable amount of fan following for the game and it just keeps getting popular, the game added a feature known as Minecraft Cartography table. Which we will talk about in this article, we all know Minecraft games are all about exploring and building your own world as you like. While you can also invite other people to visit the artwork you created.

What is the Minecraft Cartography table?

Cartography Table
Cartography Table

Basically, it’s a block that is used to explore, lock, zoom out, and to clone the map. Minecraft cartography tables are usually found in villages in a cartographer house and can be obtained by players’ hands or anything. Although obtaining by mining with an axe is definitely a quicker way.

The Cartography table is used with the help of some recipes that let you clone, zoom, explore, create and lock maps.

How can you craft a Minecraft cartography table?

Crafting is super easy and you just need any type of plank you want to add, take 2 paper and any 4 planks and voila! You got yourself a Minecraft Cartography table.

Minecraft Cartography Table Recipe
Minecraft Cartography Table Recipe

Recipe in Minecraft Cartography table

Recipes are basically the combination of different items to create, duplicate and zoom out the map. There are many recipes to do a lot of stuff in the Cartography table. Some of them are really useful and that you must know.

Usage of Recipes in Minecraft Cartography Table

It has been amazing since the Minecraft Cartography table has been in the game. It has made cloning, making and forming it super easy. Before when you wanted to resize a map you needed to combine 8 paper, but in the Minecraft Cartography table now you just need to put the map in one slot and put one paper in 2nd slot and combine them to get a bigger map. You can see the preview of that in the middle of the screen as you combine them. You can resize the map to make it bigger up-to 4 times, which means you will have a bigger space to explore.

Once you are done resizing you can explore the map and you will see that map extending as you move more and explore it. Now, if you don’t want your map to get messed up and generate new things. Simply lock it, for locking the map in the Minecraft Cartography table you can use a recipe that combines your map and glass pane that will lock your map. So now you can explore as much as you want and your map won’t be generating anything new. Also, it will never generate again that’s the thing about it once it’s locked it’s locked forever.

Now, If you want to clone your existing map before you lock it in the Minecraft Cartography table because you do want a map that you can explore even if it messes up. So you can simply put the explored map in one slot and in the 2nd slot put your empty map and you will get a cloned map.

There are other things too that you can do in the Minecraft Cartography table like if you want a locator map you can combine a compass and your map to get a locator map. If you combine a simple paper and locater you will get an empty locator map. So yeah it’s really great to see the Minecraft Cartography table in the game as it has resolved a lot of problems making things easier in terms of map-making.

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