Minecraft Crying Obsidian – Use New Block in 1.16 Nether Update

By | May 8, 2020

Minecraft Crying Obsidian is the purple color block with few spots added to this amazing game. It is a cries purple energy. It is a block that can be the reason for changing your spawn point. It has been recently added to the game. Crying Obsidian block is added in Minecraft 1.16 snapshot.

Minecraft Crying Obsidian Block History

Crying Obsidian block is not totally new concept in Minecraft. Earlier a few years back developer Jeb wanted to add this block in the game to implement it as a change in spawn point landmark. The blue texture of the block was added in Minecraft Beta 1.13, but it was never used and launched in full version of the game. The block appears like it is bleeding purple color, therefore the community also named it bleeding obsidian.

Minecraft Crying Obsidian

Minecraft Crying Obsidian

After many updates now this Minecraft Crying Obsidian block was added in 1.16 Nether Update Snapshot 20w09 on 26th February 2020. In official snapshot it says, obsidian is sad and cries purple energy.

The Use of this block is not yet known. For now, there is no official information about how this block is important. But there are many theories about how you can get this block and its uses. Also There mod “crying obsidian” by installing it you can add and use crying obsidian in the game. Below is the information about crying obsidian mod and its use.

Usage of Minecraft Crying Obsidian

  • Crying Obsidian Block can help you to build the explosion resistant structures.
  • It has a blast resistance of 6,000.
  • Even the pistons can not push obsidian.
  • The various qualities of the obsidian block make it a defensive block.
  • You can also use this in the multiplayer servers.
  • Minecraft Crying Obsidian is also helpful in PvP combat.

How to Get Crying Obsidian in Minecraft

Minecraft crying obsidian is added in nether update 1.16 and now every player wants to know how to get it. Currently, you can acquire crying obsidian block only through bartering or trading with Piglins. Piglin is a new mob in 1.16 updates. Piglins are hostile and they attack on the player. But if you wear gold armor they will not attack you. You can trade with them for gold ingot. If you drop gold ingot for them, then in return they will drop any random material. But there are high chances that they will drop crying obsidian.

So this is the way by which you can get blast resistant crying obsidian block from piglin. Piglins are only found in nether so you must go to nether to get minecraft crying obsidian block.

Check Youtube video of latest 1.16 snapshot:


Crying Obsidian Mod

Minecraft Crying Obsidian will allow you to set the spawn point from your current location in the Minecraft game. For this, you have to simply place the block as well as right-click on it. If you set the spawn point successfully, then you will get a message in your chatbox. If you don’t want to receive this type of message then you can also disable it. It is not transparent and you will find 0 luminance. The blast resistance of this crying obsidian block is 1,200. It is a little bit tough to design the obsidian block.

Crying Obsidian is very dark and smooth as well. It is also very brittle, specular as well as see-through on the thin edges.

Crying Obsidian Item will also work similarly to the Crying Obsidian block. There is a difference, in this, you need not place it to set your spawn point.

Advanced Crying Obsidian Block: This one also works like the normal Crying Obsidian Block. Only the user can use this advanced crying obsidian block. Here, the entity can be bound to this. It will also block the respawn of the position of the block when it dies.

Decoration Crying Obsidian Block: You can easily use this block for the decoration purpose. It is only for this purpose. You can not use this to set the spawn point. The good thing about this block is that it is cheaper than other blocks.


  • You can easily test your skills with different types of projectiles that includes tridents, eggs, snowballs, and much more.
  • The closer you will hit the center, the Redstone signal will become bigger.
  • Here, you will also need one hay block as well as four Redstone to prepare this recipe.

Natural Generation

  • On the surface of end, you can also find the solid pillars of obsidian.
  • It also generates on the end ship in end cities.
  • You will also find the crying obsidian on the woodland mansions. It will seem like the tree shape with the diamond block.
  • The crying obsidian also appears in the low underwater ravines.
  • They also appear in the underwater caves.

Post Generation

  • The obsidian can also be generated at the place where the underwater springs flow on lava.
  • The moment when the Nether portal is created in the Nether or the Overworld, the obsidian also created at the time. At this portal, one can find a lot of obsidian.
  • The moment the gamer enters the End, the 25 obsidian blocks would be generated for the players to spawn on. This can be regenerated again and again. Whenever the player renter the End, the obsidian blocks would be generated.
  • When the spring flow over a nearby lava pool then you can also see the generation of Minecraft Crying Obsidian.
  • Whenever the ender dragon respawns, the obsidian blocks are generated.
  • You can also find the Minecraft Crying Obsidian blocks when the flowing water hits the lava source block.


Minecraft Crying Obsidian is a purple color block that is useful for different purposes. It is a little bit difficult to find the crying obsidian blocks. But these blocks can be helpful in various manner.

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