Minecraft Earth Beta Version Free Download For iOS and Android 2019

By | May 8, 2020

Minecraft Earth Beta Version Free Download For iOS and Android

Minecraft Earth game is damn too interesting. It’s a game of knowledge which gives one the ability to form new creative thinking. By playing this game, you will enjoy such a wonderful experience by building your own world in your limited space of time. It’s all about innovation. Here is the latest information about Minecraft Earth Beta Version and how to download it for iOS and Android in 2019.

Unlike the previous version, the developer of this game has announced another aspect of Minecraft Earth. It’s termed the Minecraft Earth Beta version. Most people try to seek for fun while playing all games, but in this Minecraft Earth, the case is different. The beta version of this game makes the demo of the game looks attractive and fun to play. It’s uniqueness make it easier than with the touch of a button, one can place objects where you choose to place it.

Minecraft Earth Beta Version For iOS and Android

Although, the Minecraft Earth game would first be lunch on the iOS version and later the Android version would be available for free download. In a general sense, the new Minecraft Earth Beta version is prepared to shower you with pure fun even if not the moment you start playing it. Minecraft Beta Version is just launched in 2019. I’m sure you know the essence of playing the Minecraft Earth games because it’s a game that you need to do a lot of repetitive things to survive. However, in this new version called the Minecraft Earth Beta version, there’s a need for you to do repetitive things if you want to create anything interesting.

Minecraft Earth Beta Version For iOS and Android

Minecraft Earth Beta Version For iOS and Android

In addition, the latest version which is the Minecraft Earth beta version State it clearly that through the help of augmented reality, the game environment looks real and all around the players. But luckily to the beta version, there’s a handy video aiming to illustrate what you’re expecting from the Minecraft Earth beta including moving images and graphics.

Interesting facts about Minecraft Earth Beta Version

The Minecraft Earth beta version is available for free download on IOS and the Android version. For the fans of the world-famous Minecraft series, Minecraft Earth beta version will deliver you a completely renewed and awesome experience. Another feature that would surely interest even the most skeptical Minecraft players is the motion capture option. This obviously means that it allows your camera to capture your actions as you’re playing in Minecraft Earth which would at the same time translate your motions into in-game actions. There, you can jump, wave hands, or even slash the enemies using your motion commands, which is extremely cool.

Minecraft Earth Beta Version Free Download For iOS and Android

In conclusion, Microsoft has released the game in beta form across iOS and Android, with the global launch. The Minecraft Earth Beta version free download on IOS and Android is easy to locate as you play and download. As a  GPS-based AR game, Minecraft Earth Beta version will encourage you to get up, get out and explore their local areas. While playing also, you’ll come across small clusters of blocks, chests or mobs called Tappables as you wander around, which allow you to collect bricks and other Minecraft staples to eventually create your own voxel-based AR creations.

Go download the latest beta version, free download on IOS and Android. You can Pre-register for this Beta Version on Android and iOS. Beta version for Android is not yet available in all countries. But it is now available for download in many countries.

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