Minecraft Earth Boost Minis

Minecraft Earth Boost Minis: We have a piece of great news for all the Minecraft fans and players. Minecraft has done a partnership with Mattel for creating a new line of mini-figures. These mini-figures are known as Minecraft Earth Boost Minis. You will also get boosts in your Minecraft game using these minis.

In this article, we will know about these Boost Minis in detail. We will also tell you how to use these minis to get boosts in your Minecraft Earth. The best way to purchase these minis is also available in this article. So, let’s start this article without any delay.

minecraft earth boost minis

What is Minecraft Earth Boost Minis?

Let’s start our article with a brief introduction to these Boost Minis. Actually, these Boost Minis are small in size. It can easily fit in your pocket and even in Carry-Along Potion Case. This will help you travel along with them. This is really a great concept. Actually, Minecraft and Mattel have partnered to create these Boost Minis.

You can also use these Boost Minis to get a boost in your game. Each Boost Minis has a specific type of boost. These boosts grant you a unique and specific enhancement in the game. The boosts are active for a limited time. In level I, the boost will last up to 10 minutes. For the players of Level II, it will last for a time period of 15 minutes. Level III boosts will last for a long time, i.e. for 30 minutes.

Now, you have got all the information about Minecraft Earth Boost Minis. Now, we will see how to purchase them. After that, we will also see the procedure to activate the boosts.

How to purchase these Boost Minis?

In order to purchase Minecraft Earth Boost Minis officially, you will have to head up to the official site of Mattel. Click this link to go to the official purchase page. On this page, a total of 20 different Boost minis are currently available. You can select any pack according to your needs. Pay for your order and submit your address. You will receive the package to your address.

minecraft earth boost minis
minecraft earth boost minis

Now, it is time to activate boosts in the Minecraft game using these Minecraft Earth Boost Minis.

Activating Boosts in the game using your purchase

First of all, you must have a smartphone with NFC enabled. If your phone does not support NFC, you will not be able to use these boosts. The main reason behind this is that all the Boost Minis are NFC-Chip enabled. There is no other method to use them. So, make sure that your smartphone supports NFC.

Now, Open Minecraft Earth on your NFC enabled device. Open the Boosts screen by clicking the lightning bolt icon present in the left-hand side of the Minecraft Earth.

After the opening of the Boosts screen, select the Minifigs tab. Here, you will find an option with the name ‘Activate a Boost Mini’.

Click on that option. Now, follow all the on-screen prompts to scan your purchased Boost Minis.

Congratulations! You have successfully got the boost in your game.

Conclusion: Minecraft Earth Boost Minis

In conclusion, we hope that you have successfully activated all your Boost Minis. We have tried our best to provide all the best information about the Boost Minis. If you have any doubts, you can contact us in the comment section. We will help in clearing your doubts.

Please note that we do not seel Minecraft Earth Boost Minis. These Boost Minis are sold by Mattel and Minecraft. We are only providing information about it. Read more articles on Minecraft on our site.

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