Minecraft Earth Compatible Devices List

By | May 8, 2020

Minecraft Earth Compatible Devices

As you know Minecraft Earth works on the A.R platform, this game requires devices that support A.R (Augment reality). Here you can check the Minecraft Earth Compatible Devices list The game has become a worldwide sensation since its launch. But there are only a limited range of devices that support it as its compatibility of the game.

Initially, when the Game had been launched back in 2019 it was compatible with only iOS Apple devices. But later this game was launched on Android in November 2019. Initially launched as only early access, now the game is available for free on the Play store.

Minecraft Earth Compatible Devices

Minecraft Earth Compatible Devices

Minecraft Earth Compatible Devices – Basic Requirements

The first requirement is that your phone supports the AR core. The AR Core is basically a routine check of your device checking the quality of the Camera, Processor, RAM. The most important of all is the O.S you are operating. The initial launch only supported devices with iOS 10 and Android 7+.

Minecraft Earth Compatible Devices List for IOS

The AR core supports all the devices AR Kit(Inbuilt)  devices which are above iOS 11+.

List of all iOS devices

iPhone iPhone 11

iPhone 11 Pro

iPhone 11 Pro Max

iPhone iPhone XR

iPhone iPhone XS and XS Max

iPhone iPhone X

iPhone iPhone 8 and 8 Plus

iPhone iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

iPhone iPhone 6S and 6S Plus (This is the oldest device among all other iOS devices which are compatible with Minecraft Earth game)

iPhone iPhone SE

iPad iPad Air 3rd Generation

iPad iPad mini 5th Generation

iPad 12.9-in. iPad Pro (1st Generation)

iPad 12.9-in. iPad Pro (2nd Generation)

iPad 12.9-in. iPad Pro (3rd Generation)

iPad 11-in. iPad Pro

iPad 10.5-in. iPad Pro

iPad 9.7-in. iPad Pro

iPad (7th Generation)

iPad (6th Generation)

iPad (5th Generation)

iPod iPod touch (7th Generation)

Minecraft Earth Compatible Devices List for Android

Asus ROG & Zenfone Series support 8.0

General Mobile GM 9 Plus

Google (Nexus, Pixel series) “Supports 60 fps camera capture frame rate on the rear-facing camera”

Huawei (Honor, Mate, Nova)

LG (All phones with Android 8.0)

Motorola (G series, One Series, Z Series, Xoom Series)

OnePlus One (All phones above 3 series)

Oppo (Real me & Reno series)

Samsung Galaxy (All phones A3 Series)

Sony Xperia (All phones above android 7.0+)

Xiaomi Mi (All phones above android 7.0+)

Devices which are not Compatible with Minecraft Earth

Google Pixel

Google Pixel XL

Huawei Nexus 6P

LG Nexus 5X


LG V30+

LG V30

Motorola Moto X (4)

Motorola one

Motorola moto g (6)

Samsung Galaxy TabS3

Samsung Galaxy J5

Samsung Galaxy A8+ (2018)

Samsung Galaxy J7

Samsung Galaxy A30

Samsung Galaxy J5 Pro

Samsung Galaxy A70

Redmi Note7 Pro

These phones supported AR core but were still not compatible because their performance was poor. Also there is official list of Minecraft Earth Compatible devices on Minecraft’s official blog.


Thus I would like to conclude by saying that the phones which support AR core need not Support the game as it also requires a strong internet connection. I myself use a Moto G4 plus but due to some issues my device is incompatible with the Game.

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