Minecraft Earth Early Access has launched all across the world. Now Minecraft lovers from most of the countries can play this augmented reality game Minecraft Earth. I am personally in love with this new Minecraft Earth game. But Recently I got Minecraft Earth Error “Uh Oh! Something Went Wrong During Sign In”. I was not able to sign in to Minecraft Earth. For the solution, I checked the Reddit community of Minecraft Earth. There I found that many of you also getting this error. So here are the ways to solve this error and sign in successfully into Minecraft Earth.

“Uh Oh! Something Went Wrong During Sign In” – Reason

Minecraft Earth is giving this error in its early access to the game. It was first released on 17 October 2019 in New Zealand. And it is now has launched in more than 50 countries in the world. After downloading the game you have to sign in with any Microsoft account. But now many players are getting an error as “Uh Oh! Something Went Wrong During Sign In”. There is no fixed reason found for this error. It may be caused due to your slow internet connection or having some problem in your Microsoft account.

Reasons –

  1. Slow Internet Connection
  2. Problem with Microsoft Account
  3. Minecraft Earth Server Problem
  4. Device or APK Problem

[Solved] Minecraft Earth Error "Uh Oh! Something Went Wrong During Sign In"

How to Fix Minecraft Earth Sign In Error

#1. Check Internet Connection

Many times this Sign in error in Minecraft earth can be caused due to slow internet connection. Minecraft earth is a heavy game as it uses Augmented Reality and needs a fast internet connection. This error Uh! Something Went Wrong During Sign in, in Minecraft earth might get solved if you get connected to high-speed wi-fi or cellular network.

#2. Check Your Microsoft Account

Minecraft Earth Game is Developed and Published by Mojang who is a subsidiary of the Xbox Game. Xbox studio is owned by Microsoft. Therefore to play Minecraft Earth Game you have to sign in with Microsoft account. If your Microsoft account is not active or banned then also you may get the problem to sign in into Minecraft Earth. So make sure that your account is active and not having any problem.

#3. Servers not working

Minecraft Earth is an online game and it uses the huge servers to store and fetch data. All the maps and other things are directly fetched from Minecraft Earth Servers. If Servers are down then no data will be fetched from the server. So when the Minecraft Earth server is not working then also you can get the error “Uh Oh! Something Went Wrong During Sign In” But for this problem, you can not do anything because these servers are managed by Minecraft Earth Developer Mojang. You can check their official twitter account or website where they will mention if there any problem with the server and when it will be solved.

#4. Problem with Device or App

This can be the major reason for getting a sign in Error in Minecraft Earth. This game can be only played on mobile devices. But many mobile devices have low RAM configuration and too many heavy apps can not run properly. Therefore sometimes the Minecraft Earth app can also have problems because of low RAM on your smartphone. This can cause you Minecraft Earth Error “Uh Oh! Something Went Wrong During Sign In”.

I also faced the same problem while playing Minecraft earth. Here is how you can solve the problem. Uninstall Minecraft Earth from your mobile device and reinstall it again. Then open the game and sign in using Microsoft account, this will probably solve the error.

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Conclusion: Minecraft Earth’s full version has not launched yet. This is early access to Minecraft earth. So there might be many bugs in the game. Gameplayer can report bugs to the developer. After taking feedback from Minecraft Earth Players, Mojang will launch the full version of the game after fixing its all bugs. For now, you can use one of the above solutions to solve the error, “Uh Oh! Something Went Wrong During Sign In” in Minecraft Earth.

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Will I lose spl my stuff if I uninstall

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