Minecraft Earth Gameplay, Release Date, AR Demo Video 2019

By | May 8, 2020

Minecraft Earth Gameplay, Release Date, AR Demo Video

Unlike other video games in the world, Minecraft Earth Gameplay has its own special characteristics. It’s a game of creativity whereby players would be given the opportunity to build from the blocks provided. Earlier to the previous version, a new dimension has been put in place for the 3D effect which is present in the new version of Minecraft Earth game. Here is information about Minecraft Earth Gameplay, Release Date and AR Demo Video.

3 Special Features of the New Minecraft Earth Gameplay

If you love to play adventure games, Microsoft has done the innovation which is tagged behind the scene of computational magic. The idea is from this gameplay of Minecraft Earth and some of the features that make it different from others through the new ideas completed include;

  1. This gameplay of  Minecraft Earth has a new progression as part of innovation including level and experience points that are similar to a traditional role-playing game, rather than the classic Minecraft experience. Here, the characters of the gameplay never gets reset, and as a player, you can always have your own similar materials in a world that everyone participates in. Remember, it’s necessary to check your progression and experience level in all games you play.
  2. The Minecraft Earth is available for download both on the IOS and Android version. In this gameplay after the completion of a build,  you can then share a link to it for friends or followers to then play with your creation on a table or on a giant scale in an open space. I’m sure it sounds interesting. In Minecraft gameplay, you’d love to enjoy for hours while playing.
  3. Most kids love to play this game together. This gameplay is often played in school, neighborhood, and everywhere comfortable. Minecraft Earth utilizes information from OpenStreetMap for map information and is built on Microsoft Azure for its augmented reality features. It’s available for free download both on the IOS version and Android smartphones.
Minecraft Earth Gameplay, Release Date, AR Demo Video 2019

Minecraft Earth Gameplay, Release Date, AR Demo Video 2019

When will Minecraft Earth Gameplay Be Released?

Do you love awesome game like this? I guess you are saying Yes! Yes!!. The improvement made by the developer of Minecraft Earth Gameplay is that it’s going to be available on the IOS and also you can play it on your Android smartphones.

Following the Microsoft announcement early this year 2019, the Minecraft Earth gameplay has its new dimension in beta form across iOS and Android, but the global launch would be available later in the year. Just keep checking here regularly as we update you.

Minecraft Earth was first announced on 17 May 2019, on 10th anniversary of Minecraft. After that closed Beta version of Minecraft Earth for iOS is Released on 16 November in few cities.

Minecraft Earth Gameplay, Release Date, AR Demo Video 2019

Minecraft Earth Gameplay AR Demo Video 2019

Minecraft Earth New AR Demo Video

I trust you’d love to see this AR Demo Video. Microsoft came up with the video as regards the new version of Minecraft Earth for mobile devices. The software giant emphasized that this game would show Minecraft in augmented reality.

To end it all, It’s true that we’ve not seen many apps or games since Pokémon Go that have demonstrated the potential for augmented reality but here is the new Minecraft Earth gameplay that is concern to give you all what you want in a creative way available on both the iOS version and the Android version.

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