Minecraft Earth Latest Version 0.22.0 is rolled out for Android, iPad OS, and iOS platforms. A new Mob Minecraft Earth Pink Footed Pig is added in the game in this latest update.

A lot of new changes are also made in the latest Version 0.22.0. It includes new adventures, new challenge season, various bugs fixes, and Minecraft Earth Pink Footed Pig. Let’s explore them all.

minecraft earth pink footed pig

Minecraft Earth Pink Footed Pig

Minecraft Earth Pink Footed Pig is a new type of Mob added in the game through the latest update rolled on July 31, 2020.

Pink Footed Pig is a new type of Pig added in the game. It is a dark variant of the normal pig. It has also Pink Feet. This Pig is exclusive to Minecraft Earth Game. You will not find this Mob in other Minecraft games.

After updating your game to this latest version, you will find this new Mob in all tappable that are near your location in the game. You can now add this new Minecraft Earth Pink Footed Pig in your pig-ture perfect collection to increase your collection.

If we talk about the behavior of this Pig, it has the same behavior as the normal Pig. So, you will not find any difference in Minecraft Earth Pink Footed Pig and Normal Pigs.

A lot of changes are also made in the game through this latest update. It includes new adventures as well as the detail about the new challenge season.

New Adventures in the game

After updating to this new version 0.22.0, you will be able to explore new adventures. You will have to activate Adventure Crystals to explore all-new adventures added in the game.

It will be interesting to explore all newly added adventures in the game. Adventures make the game more addictive and interesting.

Challenge Season 6: Tundra

The new challenge season 6 is coming into the game soon. The name of this upcoming Season 6 is Tundra. So, wait for this latest challenge Season 6. We will explore the latest challenge Season 6: Tundra after it comes in the game.

Bugs fixed in this update

A lot of bugs are also fixed in this latest update. As we all know that bugs are always added in the game unwillingly and the developers have to work again to remove these bugs. The same happened this time also. New bugs were added in the game unwillingly during adding new features in the game. But, the developers removed all bugs before rolling the latest update.

So, you will get bugs free experience in your game after updating to the latest version.

This was the complete Patch Notes of this latest Minecraft Earth Version 0.22.0 update. If you do not know about Minecraft Earth, we have covered it for you. You can read about Minecraft Earth in brief in the next section.

About Minecraft Earth

Minecraft Earth is an amazing Augmented Reality (AR) based Sandbox game. The developer of this game is Mojang Studios. While the publisher of this game is Xbox Game Studios. It is a free game. You can enjoy this game on Android, iOS, as well as on iPadOS.

minecraft earth pink footed pig img

In tabletop mode, you can create a lot of new creations. After creating them, you can place them in the real world. You can also collaborate with other builders to make unique creations together.

Conclusion: Minecraft Earth Pink Footed Pig

In conclusion, we hope that you have got all changes made in the latest update including Minecraft Earth Pink Footed Pig. If you have any questions related to this topic, you can ask us in the comment section. We will help you in solving all your questions and queries.

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