Minecraft Earth Release Date in US, UK and World Wide 2019

By | May 8, 2020

Minecraft Earth Release Date in U.S, U.K and World Wide

The game we’ve been waiting for so long is finally here. I will be telling you about Minecraft Earth Release date in the US, UK, and Worldwide as a whole. Following the previous version of the game that wasn’t good enough, there is an innovation that brings about the release of Minecraft Earth both in the U.K, U.S and worldwide. The Minecraft Earth release date in the US, UK and worldwide has been concluded which features the beta version that was launched earlier 2019.

Minecraft Earth release date in the US.

There is no doubt that Game is made to become worldwide hit and not just in the USA. Therefore Game will use Openstreetmap location Data so that Player from different countries can play Minecraft Earth easily. The release of Minecraft in the US is one of the most trending topics is gaming community currently and everybody wants to know exact Minecraft Release Date in the U.S. Because everyone knows how important this game is when it comes to Augmented Reality gaming future.

Minecraft Earth Beta version is already out in the U.S. It can be downloaded on iOS and Android devices from their app store. For Beta Testing Minecraft Earth was initially released in 5 cities – Stockholm, Tokyo, London, Seattle, and Mexico City before it would go viral and spread globally.

Everybody is having a strong feeling that this Minecraft game is going to make history. It will be bigger than Pokemon GO AR game and will sustain popularity for a long time. Because Minecraft Game has a very big fan base and there are over 200 Million registered users for game. This game has its own uniqueness like crafting whatever u want and make structures by using your own creativity. Now everybody is strongly waiting for Announcement of Minecraft Earth Release Date in the US.

Minecraft Earth release date in the UK

Like I previously mentioned above, if you’re in one of those areas in the U.K( London) or Tokyo or Mexico or want to be one of the first to play in your region when available after the rollout in a better version, you can still sign up yourself for the chance to play. Go to Official Minecraft Earth website and register yourself for the game. You have to wait for the announcement of Minecraft Earth Release Date in the UK, in order to play this Augmented reality game.

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Worldwide release of Minecraft Earth

Minecraft Earth Release Date in US, UK and World Wide 2019

Minecraft Earth Release Date in US, UK and World Wide 2019

However, the anticipating release date of the Minecraft Earth globally is a gradual process and remember that it’s not everyone that would be chosen to play at first. To keep up to date information about Minecraft Earth please visit our website regularly or you can pre-register yourself for Minecraft Earth so that you will get all updates related to Minecraft Earth Release Date.

We all home that at the End of 2019 final version of Minecraft Beta will be rolled out globally. Meanwhile Closed Beta version is in testing. The developer team will get feedback from the user and will make necessary changes to the gameplay of Minecraft Earth.  Ensure to check always for an update on various regions in which the release of Minecraft game is held but be aware that the rollout will be gradual to ensure the game fully works in each region. I trust you’ve checked the Minecraft Earth release date in UK, US, and worldwide. I hope your questions have been answered.

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