Minecraft Infinite Snapshot 20w14∞ – Ultimate Content Update

Mojang has released Minecraft Infinite Snapshot 20w14 which is a new secret snapshot on which the team was working for some time. It is “The Ultimate Content Update” and is easily available in launchers. There are about more than 2 billion new dimensions that are added for the game expansion. Instead of releasing next snapshot of nether update, minecraft has given surprise with this infinity snapshot. The Minecraft infinite snapshot 20w14 has all imaginable realities that any player can imagine turned to reality.

Minecraft Infinite Snapshot 20w14∞
Minecraft Infinite Snapshot 20w14∞

The update has taken the Minecraft game in a new direction. The feedback from aggregated players, advanced machine learning, and some old algorithms has helped in developing the Snapshot. There are endless possibilities in this new update. The developers are ecstatic about delivering the update to their players who were eagerly waiting for it for a long time.

Minecraft Infinite Snapshot 20w14 Latest Features

  1. Gameplay
  • Mojang received inputs from intuitive players that inspired them to add about 2 billion worlds.
  • They have made use of immersive environmental narrative to add captivating and deep story.
  • The “You’re Almost There” icon has made the visits to billion worlds very easy.
  • There are amazing revolutionary visuals like square spheres, a Turing machine, and Menger sponges.
  1. Addition of Infinite Books Box
  • On right-clicking the icon, a book appears that contains random characters.
  • The book appears in Bob’s house and in bookstores and it has a texture similar to oak plants on all faces except one which has a texture based on its location.
  • A book can be taken out of the box and launched on a specific coordinate on the nether portal.
  • This will, in turn, obtain a random shade and will teleport the player to a randomly generated dimension.
  • The dimension consists of blocks, hue, colors, structure, time management, fog, and fog color. This depends on the type of book that is launched.
  • Every block generated has a totally random color tint.
  1. Other Additions
  • There is a new addition of Netherite block staircases that are the swaggiest staircase.
  • The Cursor Block is an animated texture that can change color between light green and black concrete.
  • The Ant Block is similar to Langton’s Ant and is the Turing Machine. On collision, two ants merge into one and if it is placed on black or white concrete, it moves in a deterministic pattern that eventually turns the underneath concrete into other variations.
  • The Zone Block is usually invisible and can only be seen when there is a need to emit “Happy Villager” particles. It is transparent but it is impossible to place any other block inside it and even the pistons cannot destroy it.
  • The footprint item is a feature that can be found in the “missing” dimension’s chest and its texture resembles the footprint particle.
  • A Very Fine Item is a feature found in the “isolation” dimension next to Bob’s bed.
  • There are some dimensions that contain easter eggs.
  • There are many generated dimensions that play a random sound periodically, may have unusual lightings, or may have a random particle effect.

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Here are some images from Minecraft infinity snapshot

Changes in Minecraft Infinite Snapshot 20w14

  • There is a considerable shuffling in the blocks and items that are present in the creative inventory.
  • There is also shuffling in the debug mode.
  • The loading screen of Mojang has changed and now displays the company name Mojang with a person singing “Mojang”.
  • The worlds from releases and other snapshots are invisible and can only be accessed by launching the game.

Bugs in Minecraft Infinite Snapshot 20w14

  • The new update is bug-free.

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Here is official video of infinity snapshot

Process to download Minecraft Infinite Snapshot 20w14

  • Launch Minecraft Launcher.
  • Open configuration.
  • Check the Snapshot box.
  • Select the latest Snapshot from the launcher menu
  • Now click on “Play”.

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Issues with Minecraft Infinite Snapshot 20w14

There are no issues with the latest version as it is April Fools’s gag by the Mojang. There are chances that Mojang will take it out after 24 hours.

Many players were very excited about the launch of the new Snapshot but the news of it being an April Fool’s gag has left them disappointed. Now, only time will tell whether the update is real or not.

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