Minecraft Live 2020 | Time, New Announcements, Mobs, Update 1.17

As the date of Minecraft Live 2020 is coming near, all the gamers of Minecraft are excited about this event. You guys want to know all details about the announcements, new mob selection, and other details. SO, we have decided to bring complete details for you.

Here, you will get the complete information about Minecraft Live 2020 event, mobs to whom you can vote, and other details about this. Let’s explore this information about this latest event without any delay.

minecraft live 2020

Minecraft Live 2020 Time

As we all know that Minecraft Live 2020 is a live event that will take place on November 3, 2020. In order to watch this live event, it is necessary to know the time when this event will go live. We have provided the time when you will be able to watch this event live below. We have tried to cover the timing of most region, in case the time of your region is not mentioned, you can convert the time according to your local time zone.

  • Seattle – 9 AM PDT
  • New York – 12 PM EDT
  • Sao Paulo – 1 PM BRT
  • London – 5 PM BST
  • Stockholm – 6 PM CEST
  • New Delhi – 9:30 PM IST
  • Tokyo – 1 AM JST (November 4, 2020)
  • Sydney – 3 AM AEDT (November 4, 2020)

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minecraft live 2020

In case, we have not covered your time zone, you can easily find it by converting the given time to your time zone.

During the Minecraft live 2020 event, there will be voting on twitter to choose a new mob to be added in the game. You can also vote for one of the mobs from the list. The mob that will receive the most vote will be added to Minecraft. We have provided the details of all Mobs from which you can choose from during the voting.

Mobs for Voting

You can vote for a mob from three different mobs. These mobs are already present in Minecraft Earth or Minecraft Dungeon. But, only one of them will be added to Minecraft.

Read about them and then you can vote for any one of them.

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1. Moobloom

If chosen, Mooblooms will be spawned in Flower Forests. They will also interact with bees in some way. Apart from that, Buttercups will be also added.

2. Iceologer

If Iceologer will be chosen, They will spawn in the Mountains. They will also hurl ice clouds at the player.

3. Glow Squids

If this mob will be chosen, it will spawn in the Ocean in dark areas and illuminating these dark areas. They do not emit light, but their texture glows like the Endermen’s eye.

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Update 1.17 Announcements

Currently, there is not any information about what will be revealed in this event, but you can expect that some major changes will be announced. It is possible that Update 1.17 might be announced and it will be a major update. In MINECON 2019, the Nether Update was announced. This time, you can also expect the announcement of the upcoming major update 1.17 in a similar way.

Officially, only Mojang Public Announcement and the voting for mobs are cleared yet. We will have to wait for the Minecraft Live 2020 event to know everything that will be announced in that live event.

We will update you on everything about the announcements made in the event from its start. So, stay connected with us. Are you excited about this? Tell us in the comment section.

Conclusion: Minecraft Live 2020

In conclusion, we hope that you have got the complete details about the Minecraft Live 2020 event. So, become ready to watch the complete event on November 3, 2020. If you have any questions or queries related to this event, feel free to ask us in the comment section.

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We are here to help you in solving all your questions and queries.

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