Minecraft one block | 1.15 and 1.16︱Easy guide

Minecraft one block

Minecraft Oneblock

We all have been familiar with Minecraft Skyblocks, Where you start over an island with a few blocks and a tree. This time we’re bringing you Minecraft one-block map created by IJAMinecraft. This is a type of skyblock survival map where you start only with a block floating in the void.

As you mine over and over it will generate a new block. At the start, you’ll get some basic materials like wood and as you’ll mine further you’ll come across new phase where you’ll get stone and iron. Continuing mining will unlock a new phases. Each one representing different biome and terrain.

Minecraft one block: Total phases

Minecraft Oneblock Minecraft Oneblock Minecraft Oneblock

There are a total of 10 phases in Minecraft one-block skyblock. Each features different blocks, mobs, and items. Some important blocks like wood, stone, and certain ores may also appear from previous phases. Loot chest items can be found in the chest which will randomly generate as you’ll continue to mine further. Phases involved are:

  • Plains
  • Underground
  • Snow Biome
  • Ocean
  • Jungle Dungeon
  • Desert
  • The Nether
  • Idyll
  • Desolation
  • The end

At last, you’ll come across end portal after getting in, and defeating dragon random blocks from different phases will regenerate and will continue till infinite. So, even after completing the game, you can play further without any issue.

Minecraft one block: Total Blocks

There are a total of 7000 different types of blocks in total. Considering average there are 750 blocks in each phase. However, staring phases like Plains, Underground and Snow biome is a bit shorter compared to others.

Minecraft one block: Mob spawning mechanism

Being survival Mob spawning is enabled on this map. This map is generated in the plains biome, so mobs from plain biome will naturally spawn in the dark. Non-hostile Mobs like sheep may also spawn on a grass block.

Minecraft one block: Chest generation

Minecraft Oneblock Minecraft Oneblock

In this map, a random chest will spawn containing rare and important items from a particular biome. After phase 3, the chest may contain items from the current biome and previous biome too named as the super chest.

Minecraft one block: Structure generation

Structure generation is enabled on this map. Hence, structures like end cities and nether fortresses may also spawn in a particular dimension.

Minecraft one block: Nether

You can unlock collecting nether blocks and obsidian in phase 7. Lava buckets can however spawn in earlier chests too. Of course, you’ll need diamond a pickaxe to mine it. You may come across diamonds during the ocean and later phases. You can also make a portal warp in nether dimension.

Minecraft one block: End

Alike warping to nether you can also warp to end. Stronghold will get unlocked after mining the last block of the 10th phase. You can get in the portal to like normal survival and defeat the dragon. However, your game doesn’t end here. You can still mine the block and it’ll continue generating infinitely.

Minecraft one block: Multiplayer Fun

Yeah, like other Minecraft maps you can play it even on multiplayer servers without any issue or lag. However, an auto-generating block must be shared between players.

Minecraft one block: Installation guide

This map is currently available for 1.15 but it works fine with 1.16 too!!

You can install this map easily with the help of following steps:

  1. Download the world zip file from the link given below
  2. Unzip with software like WinRar.
  3. A folder will get created with map files.
  4. Copy that folder.
  5. After copying it paste it in the saves folder of the Minecraft dictionary. Use the following address to locate it: C:\Users\________\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\saves
  6. Now open Minecraft and load the following map. Cheers!!

Minecraft one block: Credits

We’d like to give credit for this map to the original creator IJAMinecraft.

You can visit their website for downloading links and other details.

Also, make sure to check out Minecraft one-block series by a Youtuber named “Wadzee”

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