Minecraft PS4 2.18 Patch Notes – Bedrock Edition Update

By | November 18, 2020

Minecraft PS4 2.18 Patch Notes has been released and the players are very excited to know the changes made in this game along with the fixes. We have brought this article to explain the complete information regarding this update.

Minecraft PS4 2.18

Minecraft PS4 2.18 Patch Notes

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Minecraft PS4 2.18 / 1.16.100

Minecraft PS4 2.18 is available to download. You can easily download and install this update. The size of this update is 225 MB for PS4. The size of this update may vary with the platforms.

Minecraft PS4 2.18 Patch Notes

New Features

  • The developers have added the new Achievements screen design as well as brand new achievement artwork.
  • The developers have also added the dozen new Character Creator items, the players can easily unlock them with the achievements.

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Vanilla Parity Changes and Fixes

  • Now the Sea Turtles play a sound when they lay eggs.
  • Now, the Dolphins will dry out the same rates just like they do in the Java Edition.
  • With Minecraft PS4 2.18 update, Undamaged Mending items will not prevent the damaged Mending items from being repaired.
  • Ghast fireballs can easily destroy the Basalt.
  • Now, Basalt blocks take more time to destroy.
  • TNT will not activate when Redstone Torch is placed directly on it.
  • Now, the Experience Orbs can float in water (MCPE-64039).
  • Netherite movement has been adjusted in lava (MCPE-65372).
  • Netherite armor will not take the durability loss when they stand on the magma blocks (MCPE-76532).
  • Trade discounts from Hero of the Village as well as Curing Zombie Villagers can easily match the Java Edition.
  • With Minecraft PS4 2.18 update, Phantom wings will make the flapping sounds.
  • Pistons can easily be extended above the build height limit.
  • Now, the Brewing Stands can be crafted with the Blackstone.
  • Now, the players can easily spawn farmland with the /give command as well as pick it with Pick Block.
  • Cod, as well as Salmon, would be killed by the fire damage, now drop cooked fish.
  • Now, it is possible to place chains so that they are aligned horizontally.
  • Now, the Striders with passengers can be tempted.
  • Now, the Piglins can drop their inventory when zombified.

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  • Several new experimental toggles have been added in order to enable the previews of upcoming engine technology.
  • The developers have also added the new Mojang Studios logo splash screen on Android devices.

Known Issues

  • Xbox One controllers don’t work as expected when playing on Oculus Rift.


Performance / Stability

  • The crash that could occur during gameplay would be fixed.
  • There was a crash that could occur when the players opened the Shulker box has been fixed.
  • The developers have also improved the reliability of Nintendo Switch players joining other Nintendo Switch games.
  • Now, adding tags to the Ender Dragon will not crash the game while reloading the world.


  • Now, the “Archer” can be unblocked.
  • Now, the 24-bit PNGs without an alpha channel will not be accepted as valid custom skins.


  • Now, the fishing Rod will cast when close to the mob.
  • Custom named boats, as well as Minecraft, will save their name after breaking and placing.
  • The empty worlds getting generated after closing a PS4 world import midway through the process have been fixed.
  • Now, the End City loot chests can generate correctly once again.

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It was the complete guide on Minecraft PS4 2.18 Patch Notes. Now, we would like to conclude this article with the hope that you have got the complete information regarding this update. If you have any queries regarding this then you can feel free to ask us in the comment section. We would be happy to solve your queries.

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