Minecraft PS4 Bedrock Update – Realms, Crossplay, Multiplayer Guide

Minecraft PS4 Bedrock Update

Minecraft updates have always been a blast. Each update tries to increase the number of global players in the game. This update the Minecraft PS4 bedrock update has enables the players to move out and play on the device of their choice and they will be able to switch them whenever they want. This means Minecraft PS4 Bedrock update will give the players to use Minecraft PS4 Crossplay on Xbox One, Windows 10 PCs, iOS, Android, Gear VR and now on PS4.

Minecraft PS4 Bedrock Update
Minecraft PS4 Bedrock Update

The Global idea of Minecraft’s developers has always been to connect all players globally regardless of the device or platform they use. And this was fulfilled by Microsoft and Mojang together. There were millions of players waiting on the Minecraft PS4 bedrock update and millions still playing. The update was launched on 10 December 2019 and players could access it for free.

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Initially, the game crashed several times as millions globally tried to log in to the Microsoft accounts trying to access the Minecraft PS4 Bedrock update. This issue was fixed. This update also enables the player to access Minecraft Marketplace – sources of worlds, skins, mini-games, texture packs and mash-up packs!

What things are required to play the Minecraft PS4 Bedrock update Version?

A Microsoft account is optional but not totally required to play the game on PS4. It is a free account so you can access it on your device easily. It allows the other players using the Minecraft Crossplay to play simultaneously with other devices.

How do you get theMinecraft PS4 Bedrock update Version?

Some of the players had already the game so all you need is a patch and you will have this new PS4 Bedrock on your play station for free of cost.

PS4 Exclusive:

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What’s new in the Minecraft PS4 Bedrock Update?

Basically there a few updates in this version of the game. There you can also add up your all old worlds with this update. Some of the newer updates include crafting options. You can choose options in the game where you can use an option for auto crafting, unlike the other devices you don’t have this option. There are a lot of improvement in the performances. You can also change the gameplay from classic to pocket edition. The mine coins are now no more in use and a new currency of exchange has been introduced known as Tokens.

There are a few Block updates in the Minecraft PS4 Bedrock Update. The new blocks added are Dead corals used for decorating other blocks. Winter Rose is a new type of grass. The newest mob added to the game is a brown mushroom.

The Fox mob will be now used to carry your boxes of inventory. You can now take the fox to become your best Ally in the game.

Problems with the Minecraft PS4 Bedrock Update?

The first issue is that currently there are no servers from which you can connect on the multiplayer option.

The second issue is that most of the players around the globe are facing issues logging in their accounts and the issue says as “The Account is Already in Use.”

The third issue is that many players can’t use crossplay to access Minecraft Earth accounts.


Thus the Minecraft PS4 Bedrock Update is fun to explore on the PlayStation.

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  1. Its 5/20/20, School is out and alot of my Friends want to play Minecraft! We are playing it but only on one persons world, witch means they have to be online. I am 100% willing to pay the $8 dollars a month for a Realm. But why is the “Sever” menu still down? or saying “Coming Soon”? It should have been in and fine since the Bedrock update, but its been months and it still doesn’t work. I don’t know if this is because Sony is still being a tard about Cross-platforming (I thought they settled it witch is why we have Bedrock finally) Or if this is Microsoft putting it off. Now, I understand because of Covid-19 they are probably slower progress. But really?


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