List of Best Minecraft Realistic Texture Packs in 2020

There are a lot of Minecraft Realistic Texture Packs available on the internet for downloading and using it. But, users get confused after seeing them. They simply cannot choose the best Reaslic Pack easily. So, we have brought this article.

In this article, we will see the list of all best and top Minecraft Realistic Texture Packs in detail. So, let’s start seeing the best resource packs without wasting any time.

minecraft realistic texture pack

What is Minecraft Realistic Texture Pack?

As the name suggests, the work of this texture pack is to make the game more realistic. You will be able to enjoy your game with better graphics and looks. If we talk about the resolution, you will get a resolution of 256x or more. Due to this, all PCs may not handle this. For using this type of texture pack, you will need a better PC for enjoying your Realistic Minecraft World.

List of best Minecraft Realistic Texture Packs

In this section of our article, we will see the list of all the best Texture packs. You can use any of them to enjoy your Minecraft World more realistic.


CLARITY is one of the best Realistic Texture Packs available on the internet. This amazing pack is created by Sctester. You will love your Minecraft World after using this amazing Texture Pack.

2. Mainly Photo Realism

Another best and amazing Minecraft Realistic Texture Pack on our list is Mainly Photo Realism. It is an HD texture pack. You will love this amazing pack due to its immersive as well as a realistic look. You will experience a nice, beautiful, and attractive world with this Mainly Photo Realism Pack. So, you can download it without any problem.

3. Realism Mats

By using this Realism Mats Texture Pack, you will get every detail of this game clearly and in high resolution. The quality you will get in the game is just amazing and unmatchable. Try this texture pack for enjoying an amazing experience.

4. Andorhal HD

Andorhal HD is one of the most downloaded Minecraft Realistic Texture Pack. You can download this texture pack for making your gaming experience of Minecraft better. This pack will make your game more realistic and amazing. You will enjoy an HD and high-quality gaming experience through this Realistic Pack.

5. Soartex Fanver

For getting a beautiful, clean, smooth, and realistic Minecraft World, you should try Soartex Fanver Resource Pack at least once. This amazing and clean resource pack is created by Soartex. You will also get a balanced color scheme in your Minecraft World with this Pack. It will not experience any problem with this resource pack. So, download it to enjoy your game with high resolution.

Now, we will see the installation process of these Resource Packs. It will help you in installing them easily.

Installing these Realistic Packs

For installing these packs, you will have to download the Resource pack you want. You will get the downloadable zip file.

Move the downloaded zip file from downloads to: C:\Users\________\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\resourcepacks

Now, you will have to open the resource packs option in the Minecraft game. Choose your downloaded resource pack from the alternative options.

Now, you’re ready to enjoy your game with higher graphics and resolution.

Conclusion: Minecraft Realistic Texture Packs

In conclusion, we hope that you have like all the Minecraft Realistic Texture Packs. You can now choose the best packs among them without any problem. If you still have any problems or queries, you can ask us in the comment section of this article. We will love to help you in solving your problems and queries.

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