Minecraft Realms Down after 1.16 update? Current status and easy solution.

Minecraft Realms Down confirmed?

Minecraft Realms Down

I know this may sound an overwhelming problem. But according to the latest info and tweets, many players are unable to connect realms. They are coming up over a problem stating “Minecraft Realms Down”. This problem can be due to minor threats or some localized issues that can be solved easily. According to the latest tweet, dated 7th of November Mojang confirmed that some Minecraft players on Bedrock may experience an issue while logging in to anyone’s realms. They also stated that they’re currently investigating this issue.

Minecraft Realms Down issue solved?

On the same day, Mojang tweeted stating realms are normal again and players should connect to realms normally. However, even after this everything isn’t normal. Still, Minecraft realms are down and players are still facing the same issue.

Comments over this issue

Many players stated that they’ve been experiencing this issue since the update was released. Some stated that it has been 2-3 weeks they’re facing problems. Some players are also regretting the money they spent on buying realms.

How to check this issue?

As a player, if you’re trying to connect to realms and coming up over some constant error while connecting then you may have been facing this issue. Errors include: “We could not connect to realms we’ll try again soon”,”Failed attempting to join realms. Please try again later”,”Unable to connect to realms” or other errors similar to this, then you’re likely to be facing this problem.

Minecraft Realms Down

Minecraft Realms Down

How to solve Minecraft Realms Down issue

This issue can be solved in some cases. You can try things like,

  1. Re-installing your game
  2. Logging out and logging again
  3. Trying different network
  4. You can also check out the official help portal of Mojang.
  5. Also, you can refer to their official discord and convey your problem.
  6. Make sure to submit a vote at Downdetector , you can also check out their graph to convey the ascendancy of this Minecraft Realms Down issue.
How did this problem started?

This Minecraft realms down issue started in June itself. Players were not able to upload their world in realms. However, Mojang stated on date June 1 that they’re aware of this issue.

Then on June 4th, they called out maintenance break for realms on 8th June from am to am EST.

On 8th June they after the maintenance break they provided players with a tweet stating coming back of Minecraft realms service. On the same day, they tweeted twice confirming some players are still facing these Minecraft realms down issue and they’re sorting this out soon.

On 9th June they again tweeted that players should connect now without any issue. However, some players were still facing this issue.

On June 18th and 23rd they tweeted that this Minecraft realms down issue will get solved soon as their team is trying to mitigate this issue on bedrock as soon as possible.

After this, on June 24 they stated java edition players should now connect to realms without any problem. Though, this issue wasn’t solved some players were still stuck on the logging screen.

Minecraft Realms Down

As the hour passed they came up with other problems. However, they tweeted that they’re currently investigating this Minecraft realms issue for java edition. On date 27th they again stated the resolving of this issue soon. This time though, they stated for both java edition and bedrock edition. On June 30th they tweeted all the Mojang resources have been restored thanking players for their patience.

At-last, on November 7th they tweeted again that this issue must have been solved now.

Even after this, Still many players were unable to connect to realms on bedrock. This issue is a localized issue according to the latest leaks. These Minecraft realms down issue is not a permanent one so there is no need to worry about it. There is however nothing players can do right now instead of waiting for the next statement by Mojang. You may try the above-given solutions or keep yourself updated about this issue.

Have patience. Hoping for this realms down issue to be solved as soon as possible!! Peace!!

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