Minecraft Redstone- Easy Guide (1.16)

Well, Minecraft Redstone has always been tough for every Minecraft player. Even veterans like me still struggle to start up with normal contraptions. In this guide, we’ll go through all the Redstone basics and some normal mechanics. After that, I will suggest some Minecraft Redstone based farms that are simple and easy to build while being in survival. So, let’s get started.

Minecraft Redstone

Basic crafts:

  1. Redstone dust: It can be obtained from Redstone ore by simply mining it with the iron pickaxe. It can be commonly found at y=5 to y=12.Minecraft RedstoneMinecraft Redstone
  2. Slimeballs: It can be obtained simply by slaying down slimes. They can be found in swaps and slime chunks very easily especially during the full moon at night. For more ease, we’d suggest you go with a slime farm.Minecraft RedstoneMinecraft Redstone
  3. Nether quartz: You can get it simply by mining Nether quartz ore present in the Nether. You can also obtain it by simply dealing pilings.Minecraft RedstoneMinecraft Redstone
  4. Glow stone dust: It can be obtained by mining Glow stones, commonly present at the roof of nether.Minecraft RedstoneMinecraft Redstone
  5. Red stone torch:Minecraft Redstone
  6. Repeater: Minecraft Redstone
  7. Piston:Minecraft Redstone
  8. Sticky Piston:
  9. Comparator:Minecraft Redstone
  10. Slime block:Minecraft Redstone
  11. Daylight sensor:Minecraft Redstone
  12. Lamp:Minecraft Redstone
  13. Redstone Block:Minecraft Redstone
  14. TNT:Minecraft Redstone
  15. Hopper:Minecraft Redstone

Minecraft Redstone: Basic knowledge

Minecraft Redstone dust:

Minecraft Redstone

It can be placed on the upper edge of any block. It can go up and down by 1 block. It acts as a conductor for any circuit. Blocking it with any block will break the circuit.



Buttons and Pressure plate:

Minecraft RedstoneMinecraft RedstoneButtons can be crafted with any stone block or wooden plank. Similarly, You can craft Pressure plates by placing 2 stone blocks or wooden planks horizontally in the crafting menu. Any player or entities stepped on pressure place will activate it. Buttons can be used to conduct a signal by simply pressing it.


Minecraft Redstone

It can be crafted using cobblestone and stick placed vertically in the crafting menu. It can act as a permanent conductor by allowing constant signals, unlike buttons or pressure plates.


It can be crafted by using a bow, Redstone dust, and 7 cobblestones in the crafting table. The dispenser will shoot anything placed in it by simply activating it with a lever.

Dropper:Minecraft Redstone

Can be crafted by using the same recipe used for crafting dispenser by eliminating bow. It is used to drop anything placed in it by activating it with a lever.

Noteblock:Minecraft Redstone

It can be crafted by using a Redstone dust and 7 planks in crafting table. It can be activated with Redstone or simply right-clicking it. Activating it will make a sound. Intensity and type of sound depend on the block placed below it or the number of activations.

Redstone Block:Minecraft Redstone

It can be crafted by using 9 Redstone dust in the crafting table. It’s a regular block that gives a constant signal. It can be moved with pistons making it useful for logical schemes.

Redstone Torch:Minecraft Redstone

It is one of the most useful materials in the Minecraft Redstone mechanics. It possesses  a constant signal. Activated block with Redstone dust will extinguish it. It can also be used to activate a block placed above it.

Comparator:Minecraft Redstone

It is considered as one of the most complicated elements in Minecraft Redstone mechanics. It has 2 inputs: X and Y. It has 2 modes, 1st mode will compare the signals generated at X and Y if Redstone circuit is not  glowing. It can be used to calculate input signal strength by simply using the formula: strength=15- length of the Redstone line. If X>=Y then a signal is passing through comparator. While in other cases it’ll not happen. Similarly, you can use the second mode to calculate the output signal by using the formula: Output signal strength= X-Y.

Let’s consider an example:
Let, X=12 and Y=12. Here input strength=15-3=12. Also, X>=Y. So, the signal goes through the a comparator and switches on both the lamps.


Let, Y=13. Now, the signal will not pass, since X<Y.


Slime Blocks:Minecraft Redstone

Slime blocks can be used to move blocks in contact with it using pistons at the same time.

Repeater:Minecraft Redstone

The Repeater can be used to make the signal stronger. Considering the resistivity of the Redstone dust signal can stop in between which can be fixed by placing repeaters in between.

Piston: Minecraft Redstone

Pistons can be used to move blocks by simply activating it. It can be activated using any activation key like Redstone torch, Lever, etc. It can also be activated using an activated block. In Minecraft Redstone mechanics, Sticky pistons can be used to move blocks back. By using this you can make things can automatic doors and bridges.

TNT:Minecraft Redstone

TNT’s are the explosive blocks that can be activated using the lever, button, pressure plate, etc. It can blow up any blocks expect blocks with blast resistance of  1,200.

Hopper:Minecraft Redstone
In Minecraft Redstone contraptions, hoppers can be used to take in all the things dropped above it. It can be used to transfer the things from one chest to another by simply placing a hopper between them. It can also be used with Minecart. I’ll just take the things placed above it, Things can be in dispenser, chest, another hopper or just being dropped on it.

Some basic Minecraft Redstone contraptions:


It is used to over the Redstone dust line with an external signal.

Minecraft Redstone Minecraft Redstone

Random generator:

Minecraft Redstone Minecraft RedstoneMinecraft Redstone

    • Place a hopper on dropper by holding shift.
    • Put one stackable thing and one unstackable thing in the dropper.
    • Bring the signal from button to dropper and then place a comparator facing hopper.
    • Make a signal going from a comparator to a lamp.
    • After pressing the button. If the stackable thing is chosen, the signal will be strong and the lamp gets activated. However, if unstackable thing is chosen signal will be weak and the lamp won’t get activated.

Double piston:

Minecraft Redstone Minecraft Redstone

    • Place two pistons.
    • Place two repeaters behind each piston.
    • Set the delay to 2 of the first repeater and 4 of the second repeater.
    • Switching it on will move second piston and a block.

Arrow hit indicator:

Minecraft Redstone

    • Place a block with the button on on of its sides
    • Bring a Redstone line one on the other side.
    • Place a lamp on it.
    • If you’ll shoot an arrow on the button, it’ll activate the lamp.
    • It can be used it create a shooting gallery to increase accuracy.

The button and a Redstone manual switch:

    • Place two pistons facing each other with two block gap between them.
    • Place a Redstone block on the left side of the two-block gap facing the first piston.
    • Set up a Redstone line and torches above the pistons.
    • Put a button as input and a Redstone dust line as an output.
    • Pressing button will turn on and off the output.


    • Minecraft Redstone Simple Timer:Minecraft Redstone
    • Minecraft Redstone Fast Timer:Minecraft Redstone
    • Minecraft Redstone Extra Fast Timer:Minecraft Redstone Minecraft Redstone


    Some basic Minecraft Redstone builds:

    • Automatic Wheat Farm
    • Automatic Sugarcane Farm
    • Automatic Bamboo Farm
    • Automatic Cactus Farm
    • Music disc farm
    • Coca farm
    • Automatic Pumpkin and Watermelon farm
    • Simple automatic door
    • Double door
    • Pressure plate door
    • Hidden door
    • 3*3 door
    • Waterfall door
    • 5*4 door
    • Glowing door
    • Auto repairing floor.
    • Minecraft auto unload
    • Hidden wardrobe

    Hope you’re now ready to build your own Minecraft Redstone contraption. If you still have any questions and queries regarding Redstone comment down below.

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