Minecraft RTX Beta: How to Download free and Play

Enjoy playing Minecraft RTX Beta from April 16, 2020. This offers fully developed and effective gaming experience.

Minecraft RTX Beta

Minecraft RTX Beta is available for free download. It offers improvement in graphical aspects. It is going to launch on 16 April 2020.

RTX in Minecraft changes the way of building the Minecraft together. In this, you can use light, which is an amazing and effective building tool. This light helps the player to create stunning maps and important scenes.

Minecraft RTX Beta Download
Minecraft RTX Beta Download

Minecraft RTX Beta: Know the Basic Idea

Minecraft RTX Beta displays its graphical capabilities with the help of survival worlds and adventures. This makes the Minecraft look better as compared to earlier. The updated version includes global illuminations, reflections, and shadows.

Minecraft RTX Beta: Launch Time

The Minecraft RTX Beta will launch on April 16, 2020, and the expected launching time is 10:00 PT.

Must Check: Minecraft RTX System Requirements

Minecraft RTX Beta Download Free

Minecraft RTX 1

The Minecraft RTX Beta will be available for free from Minecraft Marketplace. Minecraft with ray tracing feature is impressive and appealing. Minecraft players using windows 10 operating system can use Minecraft RTX for free. However, this is possible only if technical requirements are fully satisfied.

To enjoy Minecraft RTX beta, you have to uninstall and reinstall the game. After reinstalling, activate Minecraft.

Technical Things Required for Playing Minecraft with RTX

Windows 10 computer is necessary to enjoy playing Minecraft with RTX.

Along with this, you need some other things as well. This includes:

  • A GPU with DirectX ray tracing capability.
  • A CPU Intel Core i5 or a CPU with 8 GB RAM.

The Minecraft with RTX beta supports higher graphic cards and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060.

Note: Windows phone, MR or VR are not supported. Moreover, you may require to update your graphic drivers and windows OS.

How to Play Minecraft RTX Beta?

To play Minecraft RTX Beta, make sure that your computer is Windows 10 OS.

How to Use Minecraft with RTX Beta If You Don’t have Minecraft Windows 10 Beta?

  • Install an app named Xbox Insider Hub on the computer.
  • Select the icon- open box and click on the “Minecraft for Windows 10 Beta”.
  • Now, you see a popup on the screen with three buttons.
  • Here select Minecraft RTX Beta and choose “done”.
  • Minecraft will update automatically if your windows store has an auto-update feature.

Will Ray Tracing Affect Gaming Experience?

As of now, ray tracing feature is not allowed for every world seed. To enjoy ray tracing, download RTX for free from the Minecraft marketplace. Apart from this, you can make textures by your own, which supports physically-based rendering system.

Minnecraft RTX 2

Will Ray Tracing Affect Minecraft Performance?

Yes. The player resolution will be 1080, but upscaling will allow you experience more resolution.

Moreover, there is a new upscaling feature named NVIDIA DLSS2.0. You can transform this feature into ray tracing worlds. This can enhance the Minecraft performance and enables high resolutions.

With ray tracing, you can see the naturally soft and hard shadows. Moreover, global illumination lights the Minecraft world naturally. Ray tracing can take the Minecraft to the next level.

Minecraft RTX Java

We know there are two editions of the game Java Edition and Bedrock Edition. Now currently Minecraft with RTX is available on windows 10 for Bedrock edition. In Minecraft community there are large number of players who play Minecraft Java Edition. Now Java edition player wants to know that, when Minecraft RTX Java will be launched because for now its only for windows 10 bedrock people.

There is no confirm news about Minecraft RTX Java. Currently only windows 10 bedrock players can only access Minecraft with RTX.


Minecraft RTX Beta is the next and amazing development of Minecraft. Thus, set your computer as per the technical requirements of Minecraft RTX. This includes the installation of Minecraft with RTX Game Ready Driver as well. You can download and start playing from tomorrow (April 16, 2020). The full RTX version will also launch soon.

Minecraft RTX Beta Download

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