Minecraft RTX System Requirements

So we have good news for Minecraft players Minecraft RTX Beta is about to release in two days. and we are here for you guys with full detail article in this we will tell you when it is going to release and how you can download it and also the info about Minecraft RTX System Requirements.

This game is going to be free for some players are you one of those some players to know about it you have to read till the end we have provided full information about that.

Minecraft RTX System Requirements
Minecraft RTX System Requirements

Minecraft RTX Beta is Launched!

This is the new Minecraft RTX Beta version game which is being uploaded with Nvidia GPU’s Watermark. this is going to be another trend because of the graphics of this game would be so awesome. they have promised to give us bleeding edge awesome graphics. and this game will be free of cost for the users who are using Windows 10 and touch the minimum system requirements that Minecraft RTX Beta ask for. The Minecraft RTX Beta System Requirements are listed below.

Minecraft RTX System Requirements?

This game with RTX is going to be a heavy one so this game needs a high-performance system. In the Minecraft RTX System Requirements, there are three types of GPU’s like as GT, GTX, and now the latest one is RTX which stands for Ray Tracing. You must need RTX 2060 Graphics card or higher and must have Windows 10 in your system. and must have I5 Processor or higher along with 8 GB of Ram and GPU must be RTX 2060 or above you should meet these minimum Minecraft RTX System Requirements if you want to run this game.

if you are a Windows 8 or Windows 7 user then we are sorry for now you will not be able to play this game because of they are working on it so other windows or other platform gamers can also play this Beta system. and for now, you can not enable ray tracing option in every world but if you want to enable it to increase your graphics to physically level then you can download ray tracing enable software from third party website.

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How To Download/Access Minecraft RTX Beta?

I will tell you two legit ways to Access or download Minecraft RTX beta one way for those who are not available on Minecraft windows 10 Beta. and another way for those who are already on Minecraft Windows 10 Beta. First you must have checked Minecraft RTX System Requirements. Let’s start with the first option for those who are not on windows 10 beta.

  • Install Xbox insider hub on your pc.(it is free and available in window store)
  • Click on the open box icon in the sidebar on the left.
  • on the insider content, you will see beta available for Minecraft windows 10.
  • Click join button.
  • in the next pop up you will see radio buttons one will be for Minecraft RTX beta and another one for Minecraft beta,
  • Choose Minecraft RTX Beta and click done.

that was for those who are not available on Minecraft windows 10 beta and now we will tell you for those who are already on Minecraft windows 10 beta.

  • Open Xbox insider hub.
  • Click on the open box in the sidebar on the left.
  • in the insider content screen, you will see one Minecraft for 10 offerings under joined click on it.
  • then click manage.
  • in manage screen, the same radio buttons will appear one will allow you to choose to enrol in RTX beta or unenroll from the beta program.
  • select enrol with RTX beta program.
  • after this, you may have to uninstall Minecraft and reinstall it from the store to download RTX Beta.

that is second way for other players. if you fulfill all Minecraft RTX System Requirements but have still any question in your mind comment below and we will get to you as soon as possible.

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